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Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata


We Provide Wide Range of Hair & Skin Treatments and make Life Better

Hair Transplant in Kolkata


Hair transplant is on latest demand for all those who have lost their hair completely or for them ...

Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Male Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata


Female Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata- at Dr. Paul’s we understand how hair loss (Fall) can be ...

Male Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata

Hair Line Reconstruction in Kolkata


Hairline Reconstruction is a surgical procedure that helps to improve the appearance of the frontal hairline ...

Hair Line Reconstruction Treatment

Alopecia Areata Treatment Clinic in Kolkata


Beard Transplant and reconstruction is a very popular procedure among men above 20 years of age ...

Alopecia Areata Treatment in Kolkata

Skin Treatment Clinic in Kolkata


Dr. Paul’s brings you India’s first pioneered and advanced technology, Venus Versa and Venus Viva for glowing and healthy skin ...

Skin Treatment Clinic in Kolkata

Anti Ageing Treatment Clinic in Kolkata


Anti-Aging Treatment in Kolkata comes in many forms and our anti-aging plans are bespoke to your Skin, Saggy Skin, Wrinkles ...

Anti Ageing Treatment in Kolkata

Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Kolkata


Our Laser treatment services are available for both women and men. Our treatment for removing body hair permanently can...

Laser Hair Reduction Clinic in Kolkata

Tatoo Removal Clinic in Kolkata


If you regret getting a tattoo, whether it was from your earlier days or more from a recent acquisition, its no longer needs to be permanent ...

Tatoo Removal Clinic in Kolkata

Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata


We Provide Wide Range of Hair & Skin Services and make Life Better

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Kolkata


Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

It was the year of 2017, 15th April. A 52-year-old woman from Dhanbad came to our clinic. She came with the problem of visibly thick and unwanted facial hairs that had emerged in ...

Laser Hair Removal

Peeling and Laser Treatment in Kolkata


Peeling and Laser Treatment

It was the time of 2017, June 16. A 34-year-old woman from Kolkata came to our clinic. She was suffering from the issue of hyperpigmentation on the face and the neck. On further ...

Peeling and Laser Treatment


Hair Transplant in Kolkata
Hair Transplant Service in Kolkata
Hair Transplant Doctor in Kolkata
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Dr.Pauls - The Best Trichologist / Cosmetologist in India

Dr. Abhijit Paul - Leading Tricologist in Kolkata, India

Dr. Abhijit Paul Managing Director

Dr. Paul’s Clinic is absolutely a result driven organization. From the very inception, we have focused ourselves to surpass all our competitors in terms of generating results through our treatments. We have always adhered to the policy of constant innovation ...

Hair Transplant Doctor in Kolkata

Dr. Bijay Paul - Leading Hair Expert in Kolkata, India

Dr. Bijay Paul Director Operations

Ever since man saw his own reflection in water man wanted to improve their looks. Combs made out of bones found in the museums dates back to ice age. The paintings and carvings of Mesopotamian Civilization portray that the elite classes used to paint their faces ...

Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata

Flaunt Your Hair & Skin you have always Dreamt of

Dr. Paul’s brings you India’s first pioneered and advanced technology, Venus Versa and Venus Viva for glowing and healthy skin. We also offer skin rejuvenation treatment in kolkata through our advanced Laser resurfacing, chemical peels, Botox and fillers to improve fine lines, wrinkles, any pigmentation or discolouration appearance of the entire face ... more

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Hair & Skin Treatment Clinic in Kolkata

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Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions Clinics provides a unique and different approach. We pride ourselves in providing the highest professional standard of excellence and care. Started in the year of 2007 in Kolkata, Dr. Paul’s have grown its child-branches to other parts of India, and has now 21+ Centers around you offering a wide range of unrivaled aesthetic Hair Care and Skin Care Treatments for both Men and Women. Enveloping you in a friendly and warm environment, our clinic strives to offer you expert and professional service of the highest standard of care. We combine your aesthetic needs with our latest advanced technology ensuring one to get optimum results every time... More

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Hair Transplant in India

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