10 Food Items That Help You From Being Fat To Being Fit


July 2019

10 Food Items That Help You From Being Fat To Being Fit

By: drPauls

From Being Fat to Being Fit! It is a pleasing view to our eyes when we see a young and hot looking celebrity or a friend who has fit Yes, we too try a lot to emulate their physique by hitting the gym regularly. But due to poor awareness of the right eating habits our hard work in the gym goes in vain.  Having the right kind of food not only reduces unwanted fat to get a proper physique, but also gives us a healthy body which is devoid of any illness. The following 10 foods help us in the process of “fat to fit”: Oats Having oats is one of the mandatory weight loss strategies one has to follow. The rich fiber in oats helps boost metabolism. Moreover, it has the ability to make feel stomach full without gaining any unwanted cholesterol. Having oats instead of a carbohydrates rich breakfast definitely results in a healthy weight loss. Apart from that, the antioxidants and minerals present in oats supplies energy which is more than enough to sustain the whole day. Green Tea Have you heard of catechins? Yes, these are that part of green tea which help burn more calories and fat. The presence of antioxidants in green tea also compels a person to choose it over other fat burning foods. Moreover, unlike other teas green tea is not processed and hence retains all its antioxidants and phytonutrients. Broccoli Broccoli has a special mention in this list. It’s a reminder of the benefits of broccoli that your mom and grandma had already mentioned. The nutrients and fiber content helps in burning calories and fat to a great extent which also helps fill the stomach. Having broccoli with pepper or spices is good for health. But it’s better to avoid broccoli cheese soup which doesn’t help much for fat burning. Spinach This low calorie high nutrient food can be used a substitute for any fat and carbohydrate high vegetable. It is always better to have spinach that is organic because the conventionally grown one because it has a lot of chemicals. Peanut butter Yes, you read it right. Peanut butter is known for the fat present in it. Before you make any assumption we would like to throw some light on how it is useful for burning fat. It has fat but the one that is good for health. Not all fats are bad. The ones present in peanut butter helps lose bad fat that makes us unhealthy. Moreover, applying peanut butter to a dish makes it delicious. Blueberries This food makes it to our list for its very special characteristic. They don’t help lose just general weight but also fat, to be specific, fat that doesn’t build any strength. They help the body in breaking down fats and sugars. Moreover, they taste good. As a word of caution, having them without sugar can only help to lose fat. Olive oil Unlike other oils that build more cholesterol and fat, olive oil help us lose fat. By using it as a substitute for regular oil in our diet, we gain more help from this wonderful ingredient by losing more weight. Hot peppers For people who love hot food, this item comes to their rescue. Peppers like habaneros and chipotles helps to lose weight. Moreover, they improve the taste of a dish to which they are added. Recent research has shown that hot peppers help in killing bacteria in stomach. Pears Often being overlooked because of being similar to apples, pears do have their own health benefits especially that help lose weight. With a good amount of fiber in them, they keep the stomach full. Also, they play a very good role making dishes delicious. Spices Spices help boost the metabolism which is attributed to the thermo genic properties. Certain examples are: Mustard which helps boost metabolism, Ginger helps in complete digestion of food, black pepper help burn calories and turmeric help break fat. At the end of the day eating the right food is more important than skipping a meal just for the sake of losing weight. While the former makes you healthy and helps lose weight, the latter makes you sick. Hence it’s  “Eat right, lose weight, and stay healthy”


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