10 Tips For Smooth Glossy Hair!


July 2019

10 Tips For Smooth Glossy Hair!

By: drPauls

Everyone wants to have long shiny and smooth hair. But what is the solution? How can one get glossy hair? Here are 10 tips for smooth glossy hair:Coconut oil:Coconut oil contains large amount of vitamin E and vitamin K. It is widely used in many parts of the world. Coconut oil protects the hair from hair damage and hair loss. Boil coconut oil and apply it on the hair and leave it overnight to dry. Wash your hair the next morning and it will give a shiny look and increase the density of your hair. Regular hair wash: Washing your hair regularly will make your hair smooth and shiny. It will not change the colour and texture of your hair if washed regularly. Right shampoo should be used which will suit your skin. One of the reasons for smooth and silky hair is to apply conditioner after hair wash. It should be noted that conditioner should be applied only to the scalp. So regular hair wash is one of the tip to make your hair smooth and shiny. Beer: Beer can not only be used as a drink but it can be used for your hair too. Beer contains vitamin B, copper, iron and silica which are important for healthy and shiny hair. Many people believe that using beer as a shampoo actually increases the volume and gives a natural shine to the hair. After you wash your hair with shampoo just apply beer and leave it for 10 min and then wash your hair. All the essential nutrients required will be acquired and will give the hair a shiny look. Hair serum: Hair serums are recommended by many professional stylists. Serum helps in protecting your hair from sun damages. It should be applied after hair wash. It gives a shiny look to the hair and the effect remains till the next wash. Wash your hair with cold water: Which water to use-Cold water or hot water for hair wash? So here is the answer! It is suggested by many people that washing hair with cold water gives a shine and strengthens the hair giving it a natural look. It helps in closing the scales of your hair cuticle. While hot water helps in removing the dirt and the oil it also removes the natural oil which is necessary for the hair. So it is better to finish your wash with cold water. Honey: Honey is traditionally used as a medicine for many purposes. Honey is one of the ingredients used to get a shiny hair. It can be mixed with warm water and can be applied after you wash your hair with shampoo. Just massage the honey on your scalp in a circular motion to get a shiny and a glossy look. AloeVera: Aloevera is used as a moisturiser for hair. Due to the rich amount of nutrients present in aloevera it helps in giving that shine to the hair. Aloevera can be used as a substitute for conditioner. It provides strength and thickness to the hair. Aloevera is one of the common ingredients used in all the skin products. Aloe vera is used for treating sun burns, skin problems, cancer, ageing and hair related issues. Henna: Henna is the most commonly used herb for solving hair related problems. People use henna for colouring the hair, to treat dandruff related problems and for a shiny and healthy hair. Henna is also used as a conditioner. Henna can be mixed with lemon juice/grape juice/water/yoghurt. It gives natural colour and shine to the hair. Egg: Egg has good amount of vitamin A, D and E. Hair loss and hair damage treatments can be treated due to the nutrients present in the egg. The egg yolk is used as a conditioner for smooth and silky hair. For a shiny hair you can mix egg yolk with yoghurt and directly apply the paste on your head. And here you are with a shiny gorgeous hair. Yoghurt: To get soft and shiny hair one can use yoghurt. Mix Yoghurt with gram flour and apply the paste on your hair. This prevents dandruff and gives the hair a shiny look. Yoghurt comes out with many other benefits like it prevents hair loss, dandruff, faster hair growth and anti ageing problems.


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