5 Common Myth about Laser Hair Treatment


July 2019

5 Common Myth about Laser Hair Treatment

By: drPauls

Many these days want to eradicate the need of shaving, waxing and threading because of time constrain and pain involved in such procedures. Thanks to laser hair treatment available, it can be achieved in few sections. Hair removal treatment uses laser light on hair follicles to reduce hair growth. One can achieve the result of long-lasting hair removal or reduction with few recommended sections. There are different types of laser available for different skin and hair type. You might come across few side effects such as swelling, crusting, inflammation and blisters but these are temporary and gets alright with time. However, with the advent of various technologies for hair removal people generally get confused and develop many myth of this technique. 5 Common Myth about Laser Hair Treatment Laser Treatment Damages Surrounding Skin Tissues â€“ It’s a common myth people hold that laser will damage their surrounding skin tissues permanently. But in fact, this treatment will only destroy hair follicles to reduce hair growth without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. Laser Is One Time Treatment â€“ You cannot have permanent hair reduction or removal with one section. Due to hair growth cycle it will grow again at different period, so various sections are required to effectively destroy hair follicles for permanent result. Laser Result is Same for All Skin Type â€“ Laser work differently on different skin and hair type. Although technologies are available to remove all hair type, you must know that not all hair type will be effective for laser. Laser Treatment is Painful â€“ In earlier days it was painful, but these days laser treatment are designed in less or no pain at all. With every section the pain will reduce as you will get used to the treatment. Laser Treatment is Permanent for Life â€“ Although laser treatment gives you great result, they are only long-lasting and not permanent for life. It could start growing again depending upon your age, however repeating the section is possible.


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