5 Reasons for You To Go For Hair Transplantation


July 2019

5 Reasons for You To Go For Hair Transplantation

By: drPauls

5 Reason You Need Hair Transplantation! Pull the hair on my head the wrong way, and I would be on my knees begging for mercy. I have very sensitive follicles. – Benedict Cumberbatch. This is exactly the way people behave when they suffer from hair loss. Every strand of hair seems so precious at the time.The trending growth in the number of people going for hair transplantation has increased in the last 10 decades.Here are some of the reasons why people go for hair transplantation. Male-pattern baldness The progressive loss of hair in a way that the pattern is identifiable in males is known as male-pattern baldness. The following are some of the most observed male-pattern baldness. Most of Indian males generally start losing hair in their 20s and by the end of 30s they tend to notice some or other pattern. Hair lost due to burns or other scalp injuries Many people lose their hair due to some head injury or burn. Sometimes the area under impact loses the hair growing capacity permanently. In such situations hair transplantation is an effective solution.3: Female-pattern baldness Similar to male, some hair loss and baldness patterns are observed in females as well. The picture below depicts the same. There is more social quotient associated with women being bald, so it becomes more important for females to cover up their baldness.It may have psychological impact also leading to depression. Hair loss around incision site after cosmetic surgery Women especially the ones who have had some cosmetic surgery previously face this problem of hair loss from the near and around the incision site. If that portion of the body is exposed then they might think of having hair transplantation. When medical treatment fails to work When people face hair fall problem, they try various kinds of medication. Some of them work and some donate. And it can never be said which one will work for whom. If the continuous efforts of trying to stop hair fall by different medication is going in vain then it is a clear indication that sooner or later transplantation will be required. It is generally said that identifying the problem itself solves half of the problem. So is true in case of hair fall and baldness also. Behold your beauty as you like and let the world say ˜What a beautiful hair!’


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