8 Amazing Hair Care Tips To Follow This Monsoon


July 2019

8 Amazing Hair Care Tips To Follow This Monsoon

By: drPauls

Monsoon has already arrived. Tons of huge relief has been brought from the summer scorching heat. Monsoon is such a season which brings life back to nature, grey dull land turns into scenic green. Light showers and cool breeze blowing. A warm cup of tea with hot pakkodas. A great way of welcoming this season. Why shouldn’t be monsoon everyone’s favourite? But sadly our skin and hair does not breathe. Frizzy hair, skin allergies and excessive oil secretion from body is seen in forms of pimples, acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Hair care is quiet time consuming and difficult job during monsoon season. But it is also really important to take care of your hair to prevent hair loss. Maintaining healthy hair is best done by avoiding outside treatments and chemical application. So, if you want to say goodbye to dry and frizzy hair, you are in the right place. Read on some of the best and easy hair care tips that can answer your stress! Tips #1: Wash Your Hair Soon After Getting Drenched Nothing is beats the joy and happiness of getting wet in the rain. And, who does not love rain dance? We all do! But sometimes, there are times we get wet in rain accidentally. Washing and drying your hair properly should be the next important thing to do. We don’t want any germs and dirt to be stuck on our scalp or hair. Tips #2: Diet changes Our diet matter a great deal to health of hair as well. It is important to eat healthy and lot of proteins during monsoon. Do you know why? Our hair follicle is built up of protein. More the protein, richer becomes your hair texture. We all do love street food but it is best to avoid drinking water and eating street food during monsoon. Try and maintain a good protein diet consisting of more salmons, eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, carrots, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, kidney beans, dark green veggies and etc to avoid hair loss. Drinking as much water like 2-3 litre everyday is must to keep yourself hydrated. Also, don’t miss out to read: Effective Skin And Hair Care Tips For The Monsoon Days. Tips #3: Change Your Shampoo A protein rich mild shampoo is your best friend for monsoon! Monsoon brings dryness and frizz to your hair. It always best to opt for a shampoo which is mild. If one has itchy scalp from dandruff, you can also alternatively use anti-dandruff shampoo. Tips #4: Invest In A Good Quality Conditioner Investing in a good conditioner plays a great role in maintaining your dry frizzy hair. A good quality conditioner softens hair frizz making the hair manageable. It also helps in detangling hair. Less hair fall and breakage would be seen. Tips #5: A Wooden Wide Toothed Comb Our Hair is delicate. Unkept and tangled hair should be avoided at any cost. Using a wide tooth comb is best during monsoon to manage your hair. But have you ever wondered why? If you are using plastic hair combs, avoid combing through wet hairs. It creates lot of friction and can lead to hair breakage especially in damp weather. Tips #6: Keep Your Hair Dry Wet hair attracts lots of germs and bacteria. Don’t step out tying your wet hair because it may give rise to many hair problems. Dry your hair completely after a good wash. Best is towel drying your hair but when in hurry, a blow dryer could be your last minute saviour! Want silk and smooth hair? Read our 10 Tips For Smooth Glossy Hair to know how. Tips #7: Oiling Not only monsoon, but oiling is great for hair in any season to keep it strong and healthy. Oiling helps in improving scalp by blood circulation. It also provides essential nutrients. Try massaging with cold pressed oil or seasame oil. It adds not only volumes after a wash but also provides deep conditioning. Tips #8: Hair Pack The best way to get rid of germs and dirt from scalp are Hair packs! Hair packs are rich in protein and helps in nourishing scalp and hair. The best is application of aloe vera, mixed with egg white and few almond oil drops. Part your hair into sections and apply. Let the pack sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off. Voila! Get Soft, Smooth and silky hair. Another mask rich in protein is application of neem powder, honey and yogurt. This particular mask reduces dandruff and itchiness problem because neem has anti fungal and bacterial properties. It helps in detoxifying scalp. Long hair has its own kind of problems in monsoon. As skies gets murkier, cloudier and wind gets stronger, we know hair is running towards damage and frizz. Dr. Paul’s has came up with some common hair styling mistakes which we tend to make. ► Never tie your hair after washing especially if they still are wet or haven’t dried up totally. Tying it up immediately will lead to more hair breakage. ► Avoid hair colouring during monsoon. Hair colouring requires longer time of washing, drying, pulling, dyeing your hair. It is best to keep it natural as much as possible. ► Limit using hair dryer. We understand Monsoons are difficult time to dry hair completely, but try to limit usage of it. ► Try to keep your hair loose. If not tie it up in a loose bun or loose side pony tail. You must protect your hair from damp weather and humidity. ► Hair during the monsoon should be trimmed and kept short for easy maintenance and cleaning. We hope you found our blog useful and if so, don’t forget it to share it your friends and spread tips and tricks!


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