After Care of Laser Hair Removal Treatment


July 2019

After Care of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

By: drPauls

Laser Hair Removal Treatment After Care! Laser hair removal is believed to be the most effectively chosen treatment by dermatologist for removing unwanted body and facial hair. This method is widely accepted because it is safe, quickest, medically proven and offer long-term solution among other hair removing methods. The method is simply done by focusing laser light on the hair follicles on targeted areas such as hands, under arms, legs, chin, back, bikini lines and other area to stop discourage re-growth. Best result may appear after few sections of this treatment and need effective after care. Laser hair removal treatment generally requires 3 to 6 sessions in between the gap of 4 to 12 weeks, which could depend up patient’s hair color and thickness. However, getting best result from Laser hair removal treatment totally depends upon the before/after skin care and the dermatologist you getting treated from. After the treatment there are certain steps you will have to follow advised by the doctor to achieve desired results. After care of Laser Hair removal treatment First and foremost thing is to protect your treated skin from sun for few weeks and other tanning equipments such as sun lamp etc, because, even a slight tanning can prove to be detrimental on the treatment result.You must avoid taking any supplement or medications such as anti-acne or aspirin to keep harmful effects at bay.Using plain soap and normal water to clean the treated area will avoid irritation and itchiness.Any redness or temporary side effect can be treated with tropical cream, no medication required. Cold pack can also help to reduce such discomfort.Mild exfoliation scrub should be used after 3 weeks of treatment to help any re-grown hair to fall out.Any scarring, discoloration, infection or bleeding must be reported immediately to the dermatologist.Make sure to apply strong SPF before stepping out to avoid any sun damage.


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