All you need to know about Lemons!


July 2019

All you need to know about Lemons!

By: drPauls

The tangy flavor of lemon is something we cannot resist, which can be added to the dishes more than we can imagine. Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, fiber, and minerals that offers awesome health benefits. This fruit is produced all year round and each tree is capable to give more than 500 pounds of lemon a year. Apart from having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal quality, lemon also have some amazing health and beauty benefits you shouldn’t miss. Following are 10 health and beauty benefits of Lemon! Top 10 Health and Beauty Benefits of Lemon Lemon is one of the top sources of potassium which helps to normalize blood pressure level in our body.Citric acid in lemon acts as natural preservative that improve digestion and solves kidney stones issue.Lemon are extremely low in calories (29 calories per 100g), has zero cholesterol and saturated fat, which makes it a value fruit to consume.Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal quality of lemon helps to treat acne and pimple on face. Choose a beauty product that has lemon as an ingredient fortreating acne.By rubbing slice of lemon on to skin you can get rid of dark spot, blemishes and acne marks. It also helps to lighten skin tone.Lemon is high in Vitamin C, which helps to keep gum and teeth problems at bay. Bleeding gums, yellow teeth, loose teeth etc can be treated with this amazing fruit.Start your day with hot water and lemon to maintain balanced weight all year round.Lemon is said to be the best cleanser for body including liver and kidney.Lemon is a great remedy for dandruff and scalp related problems. Just massage lemon to your scalp before shower and see the results.You can strengthen your nails by rubbing lemon skin on nails.


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