Are you washing your hair in the right manner?


July 2019

Are you washing your hair in the right manner?

By: drPauls

Hair washing may seem like an easy task as we do it on regular basis, but are you washing your hair in the right manner? Many people do it the wrong way, leading to hair fall, dry scalp and other hair issues. Even those expensive hair care products are a waste if you go wrong in washing it properly. As lot of hair damage happens during shower so you must follow proper hair washing steps to keep that hair and scalp problem at bay. Tips on washing hair in right manner The very first step will include using lukewarm water. Washing hair with hot water is the common mistake people do and shed more hair than natural cycle.Let yourhairsoak for few minutes before applying shampoo. Especially if you have a habit of oiling before shampoo, make sure you allow your hair to soak appropriately.Once you are ready to shampoo, take shampoo of your choice and apply it over your hands. Slowly distribute the shampoo to all areas of head by rubbing with help of fingers and palm.Now start massaging gently with your fingers for at least two minutes. Many people go wrong here by roughly applying shampoo all over and wash off in a hurry. This will only lead to knots and breakage of hair.You can gently use your hands to wash off shampoo, but it is better to allow water do the job. Ensure to rinse off shampoo completely before conditioning.It’s time to use conditioner! But it is not necessary to apply conditioner to scalp, just by applying it to hair is enough. Instruction on your conditioner bottle will let you know whether you need to leave-in or rinse off the conditioner immediately.Once you wash off conditioner completely, let your hair dry naturally. Do not expose to sun until it is totally dried off. Try this technique you would surely find the difference.


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