Black Heads – Everything You Need To Know


July 2019

Black Heads – Everything You Need To Know

By: drPauls

Who even would love to see any spot, tag, blemish or patch on face? No one, for sure. Those dark, rough blackheads are one such nightmare. These non-inflammatory skin condition occurs due to the sebum, dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities, which tend to clog the skin pores. If you are mistaken between blackheads and accumulated dirt, and rub the skin to clean it, may damage the skin further causing scars. Blackheads can’t be removed by following daily wash and cleans. It requires definite blackhead removal treatment. Where Can Blackheads Grow? Blackheads may be seen on multiple body parts like cheeks, chin, forehead, back and legs. Though, facial blackheads, especially on nose tip are most common and disturbing. Ways to Remove Blackheads Stop squeezing the blackheads as it may damage the skin and create scars. There are several tried and true remedies, both home and cosmetic, which help you accomplish the desirable results without side effects. Read on to learn the ways to remove blackheads safely. Home Remedies There are some best natural home remedies for blackheads that noticeably minimize the visibility of blackheads. Here are some of popular home remedies suggested for getting rid of those annoying blackheads. Baking Soda One of the most popular kitchen ingredients that’s tough against blackheads. It treats blackheads along with acne as well. Baking Soda deep clean the skin and makes it dirt free. PROCESS• Take 1tbsp of Baking Soda• Mix it with ½ tbsp Water• Apply the paste to the affected area• Leave it for 15 minutes• Wash with lukewarm water Tomato Juice Fresh tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and C. It has such healthy properties that boost skin brightening, oil absorbing and pore shrinkage. Tomato juice is especially good for people with oily skin. It clears out the excess oil & sebum naturally. PROCESS• Slice a fresh Tomato• Rub on the Skin focusing the affected part• Leave it to go dry• Rinse off with normal water Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is kind of jack of all trades and also master of everything. Aloe Vera gel even helps in getting rid of blackheads. PROCESS• Take a fresh Aloe Vera and extract the Juice• Apply the fresh juice on the affected area• Leave for 30 minutes to dry• Rinse with warm water Lemon and Honey Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and Citric Acid and works as natural skin lightener. On the other hand, honey is anti-bacterial and rich in antioxidants. Thus, the two combined together clears skin, eliminate blackheads, acne, and lighten up. You can add a little Sea Salt for natural exfoliation and oil control. PROCESS• Take 2 tbsp of Lemon Juice• ½ tbsp of honey• ½ tbsp of Sea Salt (optional)• Mix the ingredients well to make a gel• Apply on the Blackheads• Leave for 10 – 15 minutes• Wash off with warm water Cinnamon and Honey Honey’s anti-bacterial & antioxidant properties are beneficial to treat blackheads and other ageing signs. On the other hand, Cinnamon’s anti-bacterial properties prevent and eliminate blackheads and circulate blood to surface level, giving a fresh plump effect. You can add Lemon Juice to eliminate excess oil and lighten up the skin naturally. PROCESS• Take 1 tbsp of freshly grind Cinnamon powder• Take ½ tbsp of Honey• Take ½ tbsp of Lemon Juice (optional)• Mix well to form a smooth paste• Apply on to the affected area• Leave it for 10-15 minutes• Wash with warm water Over The Counter Removal Treatments OTC solutions are some of the most popular blackheads removal processes after the home remedies, but these also have limited effectiveness. Though, not so harmful and safe to use for most of the people, avoid using OTC treatments if you’re allergic to certain medications. Salicylic Acid – Salicylic acid is an exfoliating acid that is added to many acne products and is available without a prescription. Freshen up your skin (or the affected area) with the Salicylic Acid Wipes Acne Pad one to three times daily. It helps unclog the pores by eliminating dead skin cells from the surface. Retinoids – Topical Retinoid creams are prescribed by dermatologists for treating acne and pus-filled cysts. Over the counter retinoid creams are also available, which are little lighter in strength but work well for blackhead removal. Cosmetic Treatment Options Once you have tried the home remedies, OTC medications, still get the disruptive blackheads frequently, you possibly need a professional care. There are multiple options available for blackheads removal cosmetic treatments at Skin Clinics like Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Clinic. Some of the commonly used aesthetic treatments for blackhead removal are – Chemical Peels – Non-toxic acidic solutions, suited to skin type and concern, exfoliates skin from deep and peel off the damaged skin surface, allowing the fresh skin underneath take place. Microdermabrasion – This is a popular aesthetic treatment procedure to treat multiple skin concerns. Microdermabrasion helps unclog the pores and dirts and offers a clear, flawless skin. Laser And IPL Treatment – Depending on the underlying cause of blackheads, dermatologists may suggest Laser treatment or Intense Pulsed Light treatment (Venus Versa). Both these treatments perforate the skin in deeper layers and regulate natural oil production. It helps in controlling blackheads, acne, pimples and other skin concerns and offers long-term result. In Conclusion If you are unsure about the way to treat your blackheads, can’t choose between clinical and home treatments, better you consult a dermatologist for suitable blackhead removal treatment.To avoid any risk of scarring, book consultation today. You can also avail the smart Video Consultingopportunity for better convenience.


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