Can Pregnant Women Undergo Hair Transplantation


July 2019

Can Pregnant Women Undergo Hair Transplantation

By: drPauls

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful blessings that God has bestowed on women. Everyone was delighted to know that I’m pregnant. My joys also knew no bounds and I already started daydreaming. My mother-in law and my husband were not allowing me to do the household chores. They were treating me like a queen. I was spending those days with my favourite pastime- shopping, reading books, listening music, and sleeping. And the best part is that no one was shouting at me for doing this. Alas, the happiness did not last long. After two months, while washing my face in a pre-caffeine daze, I glanced up at the mirror. Oh, my crowning glory was going. Instead of becoming happy to look at the growing tummy, I became depressed to look at the growing balding. At first, I thought that my pregnancy is the main culprit. But after having a word with my physician and his diagnosis, I realized that this curse was passed onto me by my own father, though unknowingly. Now, what should I do? Unlike my other friends, I wasn’t ready to become a typical mother by putting on weight and having a bald vertex. Yes, it hurt the female chauvinism in me. One day, while goggling about the hair loss treatments, I came across Dr. Paul’s website. I couldn’t wait but dialled his number to schedule the appointment. Initially, I was confused whether it’s safe for expected mothers. But, Dr. Paul said, “The surgery has to do with the scalp’s skin only. Nothing will be injected into your body. So, it is absolutely safe.” Hearing this, I made up my mind to undergo the surgery. Then, comes the most difficult part of the process- I had to convince my family. According to them, I was freaking crazy. Finally, after a lot of arguments, I won. On the appointed day, I reached Dr.Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic with my husband. When I sit on the chair, my heart started pounding with fear. Dr. Paul realized my nervousness and advised me to relax. After that, they applied local anaesthesia on my scalp. Once the anaesthesia started to work, they began to extract the hair grafts from the back side of my scalp using a small round punch. The feeling was uncomfortable, but it was painless. The extraction was then followed by implantation of the hair grafts into the thinning areas. They gave me a break in between the process. The entire treatment was completed in two sessions where they implanted 1800 hair grafts into the recipient site. Eight months have passed since then. Now, the patchy spots on the scalp are getting covered with the new grown hairs. Are you thinking about my baby? Let me tell you, I have given birth to a cute girl and she is as fit as a fiddle. The surgery didn’t affect her in anyway. All my family members are extremely happy to see the outstanding result. I had a pleasant hair transplant experience. Now, I show off my hair with proud. Of course, the entire credit goes to Dr. Paul and his skilled team who with their vast experience and knowledge have safely performed the FUE surgery on me.


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