Careful Youngsters, Man Buns Can Make You Go Bald


July 2019

Careful Youngsters, Man Buns Can Make You Go Bald

By: drPauls

May it be Leonardo DiCaprio’s or AvanJogia’s, man buns is the latest trend in the fashion world. We cannot deny the omnipresence of man bun especially on the Tumblr and Instagram pages. But, do you know that these hairdos can leave you bald eventually? Quite shocking, isn’t it? To all the male fashionistas out there- the hair experts say that these top knots can cause traction alopecia. It is a kind of alopecia which leads to gradual hair loss due to the pulling of the hair strands while wearing the hairstyle. If you, like some of the Hollywood celebs, go on wearing these man buns for months, then you are destined to a chrome dome. The constant pulling of the hair follicles over long periods of time causes premature baldness. According to the dermatologist Sabra Sullivan, the issue is very common. ‘Every week, I met at least 2-3 patients who are losing their hairs due to traction alopecia’, added Sullivan. Our follicles cannot withstand the pressure created by these tight hairstyles. As a result, they get uprooted. The traction leads to the death of the follicles and also causes permanent scars. So, is it the time to say good bye to man buns? If your hairline starts receding, then it’s definitely is the right time to stop wearing it. With traction alopecia becoming a common hair problem nowadays, most of the style icons are giving up wearing this hairdo. The man buns may appear chic to you, but it’s the wrongdoer, and you should avoid it when you still have time in your hands. The owner and co-director of Mankind grooming studio for men- Caleb O’Donovan pointed his finger at Beckham to popularize these man buns. As Europe is the mother of these hairstyles, O’Donovan regards David as the main culprit. ‘Whatsoever set foot in as being counter-culture, when it becomes widespread, then the men who made it counter-culture don’t want to wear it any longer,” commented O’Donovan. He thinks the same will be happen with the man buns too. Actually, he was right to some extent in saying so. Leonardo DiCaprio has already got rid of his tight buns. It may be difficult to settle your mind to stop wearing the bun, but you shouldn’t pick up the scissors to cut your lovely hair. There’s a way out. You still can maintain your stylish looks by wearing some other awesome hairstyles. Check those out. Man French plait: Try out this cool hair style and rock the night parties.Model Locks: This sleek and popular hairstyle is great for attracting the ladies. Why not trying it out?Beach comber: The look is absolutely fine to carry out in the office too. Moreover, you don’t have to maintain it.A loose manbraid: Wear this fantastic hairstyle while not creating any tension on the hair follicles.Side parting: Don’t you want to show off your locks in the office? Then, side parting is just for you.Pony tail: A loose pony tail at the back also goes well with fashion conscious men. You can wear anyone of the hairstyles mentioned above. Create your own fashion statement and enjoy the envies of others.


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