Different Types of Effective Hair Loss Treatments


July 2019

Different Types of Effective Hair Loss Treatments

By: drPauls

Like many others, you probably are also suffering from hair loss. Calm down, as you’re not the only victim. A recent study has showed that near about 35 million men and 21 million women in the US are suffering from the problem. But, where there’s a will, there’s a hope. If you want to get an effective solution for thinning of your hair, you will definitely get it. Today, the clinics have come up with various kinds of hair loss treatments. Each clinic claims that their product or treatment is the best and safe than their peers. So, which one would you pick? Moreover, all the treatments may not fit you. Unless, you know about the treatments, you cannot come to any conclusion. DNA Hair Testing The DNA based hair testing helps one to know the cause of hair loss better. It also helps one to avoid medicines that do not prevent the shedding of the hair and only give rise to certain side-effects.Moreover, it enables the surgeons to have a personalized treatment to prescribe medicines to the patients on the basis of cause and efficacy. You will get better outcomes and the hairs that will grow after the treatment will sustain forever. DNA based nutritional program will stop your existing hair from abnormal fall. Hair Growth Accelerator  It fixes the obstacles of FUE technique. When the hair transplant surgeons combine HGA with FUE, it jump starts metabolism of the follicular cells in just 3-4 days. As a result, you can notice the growth of the hair on your scalp in just 4 months instead of 8 months as in FUE process. HGA also enables the implanted hair follicles to grow to its full potential. In short, it acts as a foil in the FUE hair transplantation process so that the surgery could give the desired results to its clients. Hair Revival Therapy It is the most recent breakthrough innovation in hair science. The surgeons prescribe their patients to start this therapy after 15 days of the surgery. The therapy involves a unique patented molecule known as Stemoxydine. Just after the three months of its use, you will find that you’re having 1700 more new hairs as compared to your transplantation result. It can almost double the density of your hair by growing hairs even from thealive but dormant follicles. Moreover, it improves the functionality of hair follicle stem cell. MESO Treatment Mesotherapy is a non-invasive way to treat baldness in men and women. It is done via an injection gun to trigger hair growth and slow down the balding process. With the help of the injection gun, the scalp is hydrated and nourished. As such, the blood circulation in the scalp improves which, in turn, strengthens the hair follicles to create dense, strong and healthy hair. The treatment is comparatively faster than its counterparts as it balances the hormones and neutralizes the DHT effects accelerating the hair growth process. Hair Transplantation  There are two types of hair transplantation– FUE and FUT. The advanced FUE process differs from the traditional FUT only in the harvesting method. But, the former has some advantages over the FUT due to which it is gaining popularity. FUE leaves negligible scars, ensures quick recovery, gives more natural looking result, and is painless. You should consult your doctor as soon as you notice that your hair is falling out. As with most medical conditions, early diagnosis and treatments are keys to outstanding results. Choose the treatment carefully, and if you can’t decide alone, then seek the help from your surgeon.


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