Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss


July 2019

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss

By: drPauls

Hair fall is such a condition which has been affecting millions of people worldwide – and can even start as early as from early teens. Over the years we’ve got a lot of queries and questions about hair treatment from smokers concerned about their drastic hair shedding asking us questions such as – How smoking cause hair loss?Does smoking hookah cause hair loss?Does smoking cause permanent hair loss? and so. So, before considering whether smoking and hair loss are associated, it is vital to know what goes on inside hair follicle and understand the process, the tiny little powerhouse responsible for hair growth. Know How Hair Loss and Smoking Is Linked The follicle is a bulb-shaped dermal papilla which is located at the hair follicle bottom creating new cells that push upwards forcing the older cells to get higher. When these new cells get to the middle portion of the hair follicle, they die and harden which then begins to form a central core, eventually becoming a new hair shaft. Have you ever wondered on what this dermal papilla is dependent on to keep up the new cell production? A normal healthy blood supply along with Vitamin E for hair! The hair follicle is being fed by tiny blood vessels network which provides the need for nutrients, oxygen and Vitamin E foods for hair that is necessary for hair growth. Now back to the basic question of whether smoking and hair loss is connected. What effect does the smoking have on the circulatory system and blood supply? 15 CAUSES OF WOMEN HAIR LOSS WITH THESE TOP 10 REMEDIES ARE YOU BECOMING BALD DUE TO HIGH TESTOSTERONE LEVEL HAIR LOSS – CAUSES AND ITS DIFFERENT TYPES Smoking And Hair Loss Studies have shown that long-term smokers have been suffering from poor blood circulation. Have you ever wondered how and why? Our blood is the vehicle through which vital nutrients and oxygen are being delivered to our body. The free flow and efficient supply of blood is what keeps our body normal and healthy. Hair follicles are certainly no different to this, but why does smoking cigarettes cause hair loss? In order to maintain a healthy scalp full of hair and prevent it from uncontrollable hair fall, your hair requires a generous supply of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. A poor protein deficiency can cause hair loss. Some studies also claim that for people who smoke, hair loss can impair the blood circulation if gets worsen and eventually lead to inefficient nutrients supply. The theory behind why smoking causes hair loss is due to carbon monoxide and nicotine – the two main substances found in cigarettes – restricting the flow of oxygen and blood to the body’s extremities, including the follicles, that goes into the dormant phase – the Telogen Phase. As a result, it lacks the nourishment and eventually leading to hair loss due to protein deficiency. CLICK TO EXPAND This by no means that this is the only one theory as to how smoking causes or influence hair loss: since an alternative explanation observes that smoking cause damages to the hair follicle DNA, causing the hair to fall out. Another theory suggests that smoking’s negative effect on the body is the premature hair aging. For example, it, in fact, accelerates the hair loss process, which in itself is a side-effect of aging. Just as our skin ages, and sets on early signs of discoloration and wrinkles, the premature aging also leads to thinning of hair and finally falling out. A Short Glance On How Hair Loss Can Be Reversed – Nicotine instantly causes an adrenaline level increase which in turn increases the pressure of blood and suddenly makes the heartbeat goes faster.Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels which in turn makes the heart harder to pump the blood through its arteries. This, as a result, has an impact on the blood circulatory system.Carbon Monoxide is produced by smoking which inhibits the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen.Seeing a healthy scalp means healthy hair follicles. These hair follicles are very much dependent on the rich supply of oxygenated blood which helps in delivering all the nutrients and proteins needed for new hair generation. A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE PROCEDURE OF HAIR DNA TESTING CAN ANEMIA LEAD TO HAIR LOSS DO YOU KNOW PROSTATE CANCER CAUSES EARLY BALDNESS So, does smoking causes hair loss? Yes. There are indications that it does, but it is intrinsically linked to overall health as well. Connections have been constantly emerging between the smoking and thinning strands of hair, smoking and female hair loss, premature thinning and smoking and even links between hair follicle damage and smoking are seen. How To Prepare To Quit Smoking Cigarettes have some specific chemicals in them including nicotine which creates desires. The more one takes, the desire for smoking more increases. This is the trick for nicotine. Inhalation of around 40 thousand chemicals regularly easily decays the vital and delicate mechanism which leads to dysfunction of vital systems in our body such as circulation system, respiratory system, and glandular systems imbalances and symptoms of chronic diseases starts showing in early stages of life. Quitting smoking is neither easy nor it is impossible. It solely depends on the burning quality. If the burning limits up to your lungs, it becomes very hard for one to quit smoking. In fact just like starting a habit is easy, breaking a habit is similar to starting one! Many people don’t pay much attention to how one started to smoke. It is easy and simple to quit smoking too. For that, one must follow the simple system of breaking the habit formation psychology. Tips On How To Quit Smoking That Can Make Your Hair Healthy The best thing one can do is to nourish the hair from within by creating a fantastic environment for hair regrowth. You need vitamins, proteins and most importantly follow a good Indian food or diet for hair growth. Following a good diet can help in making your body, skin, and hair healthy. Foods such as fishes are full of fatty acids and vitamins which your skin and hair feed on. Also, it is very important to have plenty of foods to stop hair fall such as green vegetables like chard, spinach, and broccoli. Foods for hair loss recovery that are good natural hair solution: EggsNuts such as walnuts and cashewsPoultry ChickenBeans such as kidney beans, legumes, lentils, etcCarrotsLow-fat dairy products such as yogurt and skim milk, etcWhole grains such as breakfast cereals, wheat bread, etc So, one should not only try the tips on how to quit smoking but also focus on exercising and eating right. This will not only make your hair and skin look healthy, but also will make you feel better and slow down the aging signs drastically. You can also read in details what are the Top 15 Indian Foods To Stop Hair Loss and help in regaining hair faster and quicker. The 4D Magic Mantra On How To Quit Smoking Easily Every smoker knows smoking is not good for health, yet the addiction stays on. This addiction to nicotine can lead to a variety of health problems that can damage the body in irreparable ways. The tar used in cigarettes is particularly damaging. It can lead to oxygen reduction consumption and body replenishment and makes more susceptible to diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema. However, the bigger killer is ‘Smoking’. Adopt these methods to detox your body of nicotine – A. DELAY – The only long-term urge to delay the cravings for smoking can help in detoxifying your body from nicotine and remain smoke-free. While your determination plays the vital role here, some people can even leave smoking without any hassles. B. DEEP BREATHING – Your lungs capacity can be strengthened through deep-breathing and other cardio-strength exercises. C. DRINK WATER – Drinking a lot of water helps. Chamomile, Lime water or green tea helps in flushing out nicotine from your body that has been accumulated in your body for years. D. DISTRACT – Changing your activity or talking to someone else or even taking up a new habit is a way to distract yourself from resisting the urge to smoke. Get out of the situation where you feel you want to smoke. Changing your activities and your cravings will become less easy to deal with. 5 Stages Of Changes After Quitting Smoking Smokers generally go through 5 progressive stages after quitting smoking and each involves different outlook and challenges. Let us see what are the changes one see in themselves after quitting smoking. STAGE 1 – Decision –> During this stage, smokers have considered quitting smoking for sometime in near future, probably for six months or even less. They are now more aware of their personal health consequences and consider it as a problem which needs resolution. They are more aware of identifying the barriers that prevent them from quitting. STAGE 2 – Understanding –> This stage involves the decision and understanding the reason to quit smoking. They understand and see the ‘cons’ of smoking as outweighing the ‘pros’ and taking small baby steps towards quitting. STAGE 3 – Re-Programming –> In this stage, people are trying actively to stop smoking, making a positive change in their life and forming the habit of delaying the urge to smoke. They often turn into their family and friends for support and to stay motivated. A mental review process of their commitment to themselves to leave smoking keeps them going. This is the stage where the smokers need the most amount of support and help. STAGE 4 – Testing –> In this stage, smokers are trying to be less receptive to the urge of smoking and continuously testing themselves in a situation where the craving and urge for smoking is stronger. STAGE 5 – Anchoring –> Former smokers in this stage have learned to handle and anticipate temptations to smoke and are able to use new ways of coping up with boredom, stress and social pressures which were part of their ‘smoker’s’ identity. They have a stronger sense of self-ability and control to stay smoke-free. If you have found this blog helpful, then do spread good health by sharing these tips with your loved ones and create more awareness about the harmfulness of Smoking.


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