Essential facts to comprehend before opting for Hair Transplantation


July 2019

Essential facts to comprehend before opting for Hair Transplantation

By: drPauls

Nobody wishes to be disheartened with unhealthy hair or baldness. You can never be an exception to that instance, right? By being one among the crowd, you may certainly need some particulars regarding Hair Treatment through which you can get access to enviable hair. Basically, people are seen to neglect the problem of Hair Shedding when it is at primary stage. In most of the cases, they start being worried after showing some bald patches on their scalp. Naturally, thereafter, the treatment offers slow result and demands lengthy procedure to be cured completely. If you are also facing same difficulty, then now it is high time that you should do something to get back the luster of your hair by eradicating the bald patches. However, Hair Transplantation should be chosen by you when you are stuck into that trouble. But, before stepping into that section, you must obtain comprehensive knowledge regarding the process. That would lead you towards achieving success. What is Hair Transplantation ? Hair Restoration or Hair Transplantation is considered to be the permanent and most effective solution for the baldness. In this surgical mean, patients are treated by the expert and skilled medical professionals. The patient’s own hair is extracted from the stable donor site and the extracted hair is then implanted to the bald areas, which are known as the recipient zone. There are two distinct types of transplantation procedures, which the modern aesthetic sector uses. FUE and FUT are those methods and you would be provided with any of these two treatments after being recommended by your doctor. Various factors are closely connected with this aesthetic service. You may certainly require knowing those essential facts to get effectual outcome. The first and foremost thing that you would be interested of is the price or Hair Transplant Cost. In these days, there are end number of clinics and doctors. Quite naturally, options are many and you are supposed to choose among them. But, your selection must be wise. Adept and experienced surgeons and reputed organization should be opted for dealing with that situation. Somehow, the cost of the complete surgical process is dependent on that and on the other hand, there are different multiple cost-determining factors for which the price may vary. The size of the recipient area, total number of grafts, number of sessions or sittings can leave an impact on the cost of Hair Transplantation. So, you don’t need to be worried about the price. It may come within your range. But, that’s not all. There are so many unknown matters, which you must be well informed of. Few updates on Hair Transplant: The latest updates have clearly showed the advancement and progression in this method. Basically, most of the people, who have selected this surgical mean, are witnessed to be suffering from Alopecia. It is a chronic problem in which patients have to experience either partial or absolute Hair Loss. Studies have pointed out that there are loads of persons, dealing with this autoimmune disease. Commonly, the problem is seen among the individuals of 35-60 age group. Hence, Hair Restoration is regarded as one of the rapidly growing procedures. The procedure is not just meant for the scalp hair. According to a recent research, though approximately 90% patients need this beneficial surgery for scalp hair, there are numerous individuals, who demand this way out for non-scalp hair. Besides, it has been pointed out that one of the major causes for Hair Loss throughout the world is cancer. Chemotherapy plays withering role on the health of the cancer patients and for this reason, their hair also can’t get rid of that. However, patients are always recommended to opt for reputed and experienced professionals to fulfill all their major requisites. Thus, they can also have advantageous outcome. If you are planning for the same, it would be worth considering all these facts. You are also in need of reading between the lines of the residue part of this post as that will disclose several important points that may help you to get successful outcome. Myths and Facts about Hair Transplant: According to belief, there are numerous individuals, who get afraid of undergoing Hair Transplant because of some rumors but you don’t have to be nervous at all. This post is going to highlight the hidden reality to clear out all your doubts. Just take a glance at the below mentioned points for clarifying your uncertainties and increasing the level of faith regarding the treatment. Myth: Lifelong care is required after the completion of that process.Fact: Initial care is needed but that doesn’t mean to opt for prolonged attention. This is one of the biggest issues for which a great many people are figured out to step back. They don’t find the process compatible enough due to this reason but you don’t need to trust the fact. Never get worried and lag behind. Stick to your decision as there is no requirement for long-term care. You are free to lead a perfect and normal life after the procedure gets over. Myth: Old persons are not suitable for this surgery.Fact: Aged individuals are more appropriate. Mature stable zone will proffer better result and for this reason, the age of the patients should be more than 20 of course. That would provide more effective consequence. Doctors or surgeons don’t prefer the younger ones as their patients. So, if you are quite older, no need to get tensed about it. Make your mind for the surgical way out. Myth: Only men can undergo the treatment.Fact: Both men and women can avail outstanding result. Never restrict yourself from choosing this effectual aesthetic method if you are a woman because the transplantation work well on both men and women. Its effect is never based on the gender of the patient. So, stop being ashamed and move forward to take a hold of voluminous hair. Myth: You have to go through another medical method beforehand.Fact: No prior treatment is needed. Sometimes, individuals feel cumbersome as there is a hearsay that patients have to take up another surgical treatment before going for hair transplant. Well, in actuality, it’s wrong and you are not going to be exposed to any other treatment option before having the surgical remedy. Myth: The whole process is thoroughly painful.Fact: No, this is not to be trusted. Another reason for which you may be nervous is nothing but related to pain. Of late, worldwide the operation is done under the local anaesthesia and hence, patients do not experience extreme amount of pain. Sometimes, they have to face discomfort or numbness for a couple of days but all such problems are vanished in no time. So, if you are in dilemma, don’t just be. You are not going to get pained at all or if it is matter of suffering, that’s tolerable and short term too. Myth: You can’t wash your hair after undergoing the surgery.Fact: Only after the first week or so, you can shampoo normally. There is no limitation in case of shampooing or cleaning your hair but for the first few days, you should follow your doctor’s advice. Otherwise, you are completely free to treat your hair as it is needed. Hopefully, these points are convincing enough and you are now ready to have this surgical assistance if there’s a real requirement for this. Now, thinking from where to get it? We are here to minimize your tension. Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solution has come forward with attractive festive offers using which you can have the desired hair without hurting your wallet. This festive season, we have appeared to make your celebration grand and exciting by offering you a comprehensive Hair Care package that includes transplantation of hair also. Hair Radiance for one year is also proffered by this package and the most interesting part of the comprehensive package is the EMI facility. Then, what’s the reason behind thinking now? Decide first and let your festive days be grand.


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