Get Bushy Eyebrows Through Eyebrow Hair Transplantation


July 2019

Get Bushy Eyebrows Through Eyebrow Hair Transplantation

By: drPauls

Strong eyebrows frame the eyes by making it more attractive. Unfortunately, all people do not have distinct eyebrows. The eyebrows get thinner due to aging, illness, hormones, over plucking and others. Eyebrow hair transplantation is the easiest and the safest way to get bushier eyebrows. The process is similar to the scalp hair transplantation to a great extent. But, here, unlike the scalp hair transplantation, the results are seen immediately. However, the complete result will be visible only after a couple of months. It assures permanent results. Moreover, this innovative method is minimally-invasive and has almost no side-effects. The procedure is extremely delicate and it involves great skill of the surgeon. Scalp hair transplantation? Oh, you definitely have heard of it in newspapers, TV shows, and websites. What about eyebrow hair transplantation? It may sound new to you, right? I have recently joined the groups of those who have undergone the treatment to restore their lost eyebrows. I am going to share that exciting story with you today. So, get your cup of joe and start reading. Since my early teen years, I have had thin eyebrows, and I always wanted it like that of Brooke Shields. Actually, I could be happy with eyebrows of any color. But, being a fair-complexioned girl with blonde hair, what the experts will call it – ‘naturally non-hirsute’, unluckily, I didn’t have the accurate DNA. All my friends proudly carry off their bushier eyebrows while I had to spend a lot of time in front of my mirror to wear makeup. Without it, I looked like a gently coddled egg. Many a times, I heard that my friends were laughing at me saying that I resemble Gwyneth Paltrow. All the mocking depressed me and I just wanted to get rid of it at any cost. One day, while flipping the pages of a fashion magazine, I came across the phrase ‘Eyebrow hair transplantation’. The success story published there on the topic inspired me a lot. I dialled the clinic’s contact number which was given there. A lady picked up the call and finally fixed my appointment. While consulting with the surgeon, I came to know that the full desired results of the eyebrow hair transplant in India will be visible only after a couple of months. He also told me “the natural bushy eyebrows get thinner sometimes because of autoimmune syndromes, accidents, aging, congenital process, and over-plucking.” Then, he asked me what elegant eyebrow style do I want to carry. I wasn’t sure about the angle and the style of the eyebrow that would suit my face. I was confused- whether Pamela Anderson’s thin eyebrows will be a good choice or Keira Knightley’s bushy ones. I let the surgeon decide it. Initially, the surgeon drew the outline of my eyebrow using a surgical marker. After that, he gave me a mirror to see the outline and give him feedback accordingly. Then, they numb my facial areas that were to be treated by giving local anesthesia. Following the step, comes the main part- the surgery. Eyebrow hair transplantation surgery The surgeon along with the assistance of his team started to remove the hair follicles from the donor site. They used the automated FUE with NeoGraft technique which made the surgery easy as compared to the old-age strip method. Instead of removing a small strip of hair from the donor site with a surgical scalpel, automated FUE with NeoGraft involves a 0.8mm punch biopsy to remove single follicular units. Most of the hairs were removed from behind the ears, because according to the surgeons these hairs match mostly with the eyebrow hair. The surgeon then transplanted each follicular graft carefully,  ensuring right angle and the right direction of the eyebrow hair. Great attention was paid to create a lovely rise of the arch. Some have to undergo more than one session to get the eyebrow they have craved. Thank God, I wasn’t one of them. They transplanted 200 grafts in each eyebrow. The entire procedure took 4-5 hours, which was inclusive of a lunch break. Result To tell you the truth, I didn’t feel any pain, but only a slight discomfort when they applied local anesthesia. The next few days after the surgery was really irritating for me, as I had to wear a bandana. The school guard gave me some funny looks, but I ignored that. After a week, I noticed that along with the scabs, some transplanted hairs had also gone. But, I wasn’t shocked at this because my surgeon had already informed me about it and told me that I will regain the lost hairs as the roots are firmly implanted. The lost hairs grew back again and with the passage of the months, my eyebrows thickened. Now, I have luscious, bushy eyebrows and they make a frame for my eyes. I also trim them regularly otherwise like the hairs on the head it will continue to grow. Once again, I am ready to challenge those who used to laugh at me. I want to tell them, “ Ha, look at me now. Would you still mock me for thin eyebrows? I bet mines are much bushier than yours.” Well, I would like to know your story about eyebrow hair transplantation too. Would you like to share that with me?


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