How Diet Soda Affect Your Hair Growth?


July 2019

How Diet Soda Affect Your Hair Growth?

By: drPauls

Recently, diet soda and other health potions are whipping up a lot of buzz regarding whether they’re safe to use. You may think that you’re taking care of your health by switching to such health drinks. But, do you know that these diet drinks contain Aspartame which may affect your hair growth? Aspartame is a controversial artificial sweetener which causes many side-effects including hair loss. Hair loss and Diet Soda How could diet drinks cause your hairs to fall out? Diet soda fiends aren’t off the hook either. The artificial sweetener present in the drink has to be filtered through the liver. It detoxifies the body by filtering all the toxins including the artificial sweeteners of the diet drinks. Apart from changing the cell structure, diet soda also works upon the circulatory and metabolic rate of the body. As such, the hair shedding starts. The synthetic sweeteners consist of high levels of toxins. Our liver while filtering out these toxins may start malfunctioning. The liver malfunction is directly related to hair loss. These sweeteners also spike up the hormones like insulin and androgen which burden the liver. Although, it’s not known clearly how Aspartame is linked to hair loss, yet most of the diet experts advise to stay away from it. On Dr. Hull’s website forum, a lot of Aspartame victims complained that they experience hair loss once they opted for such diet sodas. What’s more, FDA listed many side-effects from Aspartame ingestion, one of them being – considerable hair loss. However, further experiments have to be carried out in this field to establish a relation between the two. But, once you quit drinking diet drinks, you will notice improvements in the hair growth within 6 weeks. Replace Diet Soda with other health drinks Liver malfunction often leads to unnecessary shedding. Therefore, eat and drink foods and fruits that enhance the follicle production and boost your energy without interfering in other metabolic activities. Listed below are some drinks that support the liver and prevent the cause of shedding. Water You should drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day to prevent dehydration and hair loss. Some recent studies have showed that filtered water works even better. It’s not necessary that you have to drink glasses of plain water. You can opt for foods containing water like pulses, vegetable juices, and soups (home-made soups and not the preserved ones available in packets). Watermelon Another great source of water is watermelon. It consists of huge Citrulline phytonutrients that increases the arginine level in the body. This arginine improves the blood circulation of the scalp accelerating hair growth. Green tea Green tea is calorie-free and contains Vitamin C, E, and polyphenols. These ingredients stimulate the growth process and soften the hair. You can sip 6-8 ounces of green tea after your breakfast or lunch. Apple juice Apple juices are the excellent means to supply nutritional fluids to the body. According to a report presented by Cornell University researchers, an apple has more potent cancer fighting antioxidants than a 1500 mg dose of Vitamin C. These antioxidants are directly linked to healthy hair. Soy milk Soy milk is derived from soy-bean plants. It is rich in protein- an essential product to enhance hair growth. As such, soy milk strengthens the hair shaft and repair the split ends. I’m sure after reading the article, you are going to quit the diet soda. The above mentioned drinks are safe and ensure healthy hair. So, start drinking them from today itself.


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