How to Avoid a Bad Hair Transplantation


July 2019

How to Avoid a Bad Hair Transplantation

By: drPauls

Despite the involvement of the latest techniques, there are a lot of horror stories about bad hair transplant. Unfortunately, there are not enough regulations in the clinics. As such, the employees do not stick to the basic principles of medical care. Their negligence towards their duties leaves the patients vulnerable through half-done and bad hair restoration surgeries. Today, I am going to pen down some of the most recovery tips to help you get the best results. Just go through them. A look of Hair Transplant should look, when performed by professional and competent clinic Hunt for a qualified surgeonWhen you’ve made up your mind to undergo any surgery, it’s crucial that you find the best in that field. Your selected surgeon should have in-depth knowledge of the latest advancements and should make you feel comfortable. Moreover, he should be ready to give reliable services even after the surgery.Choose the right techniqueSelecting the right restorative technique is essential as the wrong technique may worsen the situation.FUE hair transplantation in Indiais gaining popularity because it is minimally invasive and gives more natural results with minimum scars. Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic is one of the centers of Hair transplantation in India where you can have world-class treatment and post-op services in an affordable way. Avoid clinics offering ‘No Scar’ procedureThe surgery always involves some scars, irrespective of the process. No surgeon can perform the restoration surgery without leaving any scar on your scalp. No matter, how your surgeon had harvested the hair, when you shave your hair, you will definitely see some scars. It’s obvious. However, the size of the scar may differ depending on the procedure used. Therefore, the clinics which are offering ‘No Scar’ procedure are only making false promises to attract the people.Ask your friends for referenceCan you trust all the online information? Of course, you can’t. Businesses have particular interests but to do some bloggers and forum members. The safe and good cosmetic surgeries often get mixed with the unethical medical practices and inefficient clinics-resulting into misdirected criticism and confusion. So, instead of trusting on the online information blindly,ask your friends who have undergone hair restorationfor some reference.Get essential things in advanceYou should figure out the necessary things well in advance to ensure a smooth journey. As for instance, get a cap in handy before time because you will need it after the surgery. On the appointed day, bring someone who can drive you back home as you’ll be given anesthesia, and hence you’ll not be able to drive.Follow your surgeon’s post-op instructionsEvery doctor gives his patient some post-op instructions. Following these instructions is necessary for a quick recovery. Your surgeon may instruct you to not to undertake the strenuous activities that make you sweat excessively, as it may cause infection. Apart from it, you should also avoid smoking, drinking, and eating junk foods for some days after the surgery. The post-op discomforts are temporary. But, if you feel that the tightness, numbness, and other such downsides prevail over a week, make sure you have discuss the issues with your surgeon.


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