How to Heal the Facial Scar


July 2019

How to Heal the Facial Scar

By: drPauls

Any kind of facial scar such as breakouts, cuts, and burns can cause embarrassment. Therefore, follow the expert’s tips to get a scar-less and glowing skin. What would you do if you get a minor cut on your face? You will obviously apply some ointment on it to heal it quickly. But, healing of the wound doesn’t mean that it won’t leave any scar. However, the happy part is that- all types of facial scars are treatableirrespective of its cause. Keep the wounded area clean If you recently cut your skin, you can prevent the scarring by keeping the area clean. A clean skin is required to avoid infection. You don’t have to use strong antiseptic solution every time because it may delay the healing process. The renowned dermatologist, KavitaEnjeti advises, ‘If the scarred area becomes weepy or crusty, take cotton ball soaked in salty water and wipe your face with it.’ You can apply Vaseline 3-4 a day to get rid of the scab. It reduces the scars and speed up the healing. As soon as the scar starts to heal, you should apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun. It will also minimize the risk of pigmentation. When the scar gets completely healed, massage the area gently using the emollient to fade the scar fast. Lasers and steroid injections for old scars There are numerous ways to reduce the stubborn old scars. Lasers and steroid injections kill off the old scars. The treatment depends on the scar type. As for instance, the lasers can effectively treat indented scars that often result from either cystic acne or a bout of chickenpox. The lasers blend the scar into the surrounding tissue and clear away the redness of the skin too. Steroid injections are amazing for lumpy scars. But, you may have to take several of them to fully flatten the scar. Follow skin care regime to treat acne scars Acne can severely low down the confidence level and causes anxiety and depression in many of its victims. According to the skin care expert of The International Dermal Institute, Emma Hobson, treating the acne scars requires strict following of good skin care regime, patience, and sometimes aesthetic treatments too. She further said that using sunscreen and pigmentation-lightening products containing lactic acid can minimize the acne scars and brighten the skin tone. You may also use retinol at 0.5% to make smooth the skin surface and boost the production of the collagen- a protein produced by our skin cells. It helps to make the skin look young, giving it firmness. If your facial scar has deep pigmentation or is leading severe skin issues, you should switch to medical route without delay. Many treatments are available nowadays such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and light therapy to improve the appearance of acne scars. First of all, a holistic approach is required to prevent acne. You should take a low-glycaemic index diet along with a form of treatment to control the acne. You may start with some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory creams to deal with mild acne. Many pharmacies may not sell you these creams without the prescription of the doctor. Never squeeze a breakout Hobson says that as the breakouts are the inflamed lesions filled with bacteria, so avoid using them. When you squeeze such a spot, the infection spreads and damages the skin. Overnight deep scar cleaning treatments and daytime stained spot healingproducts are superb. These products are applied directly on the scar to cure the scar like a shot. The bottom line The scars are not easy to treat. You should maintain a clean skin to prevent acne scars and breakouts. Use cleansing oil daily and after that apply anti-bacterial facial gel. Go for a cleansing mask once in a week and exfoliation twice in a week.


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