It’s A Bald Truth: Smoking is related to Hair Loss


July 2019

It’s A Bald Truth: Smoking is related to Hair Loss

By: drPauls

Till date, I have seen many who smoke but are not bald. In fact, most of the friends in my circle also smoke and none of them is bald. Then, why some say, ‘Smoking causes hair loss’? Is it only a myth or a fact? Though I don’t smoke, yet I took interest in the topic and researched a lot. After a lot of studies, I came to the conclusion that smoking is related to hair loss. So, how does it happen? The cigarette smoke reaches the lungs through the bloodstream. It is then carried to every body part by the circulatory system. As such, the body cells are attacked by more than 4000 chemicals and gases present in the cigarette smoke. All the body parts are affected by these toxins including the hair follicles. Many hair experts relate excessive smoking to hair loss. They say that smoking affect your hair in the following ways: Restricts blood circulation: The cells should receive enough oxygen and other essential nutrients to enhance the function of hair follicles. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which restricts the flowing of the blood through the scalp. As a result, the hair follicles are deprived of the required building blocks and hence, cannot function properly.Inhibits new cell growth: Thenew hair cellscannot grow in a polluted environment. Our body begins to consume the necessary nutrients required for hair growth to fight the smoking effects. This further accelerates the shedding.Affects the health: Ok, let’s admit- ‘Smoking doesn’t make us cool’. In fact, it is a silent killer. It causes many illnesses and weakens the metabolic activities. Other body systems also stop to function properly. This allows infections and other disease-causing substances to freely circulate through the body. These bad substances restrict the follicles’ ability to maintain a normal hair growth pattern. Regardless of the gender, young people mostly suffer from hair loss and greying due to excessive smoking. This is the age when there is lots of work pressure and smoking simply adds to it. It’s because of these reasons that the number of youths becoming its victims is increasing like a flash. Do you know what the most obvious and immediate effect of lighting up is? Your hair starts to smell like smoke. Isn’t it embarrassing? Don’t lose your hope.You can definitely treat the hair loss caused by smoking. All hair treatments are done after a thorough scalp check and hair analysis. Your trichologist will take your case history. Sometimes the patient is treated on the basis of healthful dietary counselling. Or, he may prescribe you certain hair loss medicines by checking your reports and hair samples. However, the consultation cost is not fixed and the treatment also varies from patient to patient. You can also get back your lost hair if you make slight changes in your lifestyle. Firstly, you have to quit smoking. It may be difficult for you, but it’s not impossible. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Do cardiovascular exercises daily for proper blood circulation. It in turn will trigger hair growth and prevent hair loss. You can also take liquid homemade health drinks such as fruit or vegetable juice to supply the essential nutrients to your body system. If you’re healthy from inside, you will be beautiful outside.


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