Know the reasons responsible for reducing your skin glory


July 2019

Know the reasons responsible for reducing your skin glory

By: drPauls

Are you in search of a vibrant and youthful face? Well, that is what a woman really longs for, isn’t? To my belief, you would never be an exception to that. However, there are various sorts of skin problems, which modern women have to face. On the other, several causes or reasons can be blamed for the same. To comprehend the actual cause for dull and damaged skin, you can go for a Skin Glow Session where the concerned doctors may detect the originality behind the pale looking skin and treatments will be provided depending on that diagnosis. However, there are some noted symptoms going through which an experienced doctor can identify the problem. The signs and symptoms should also be observed and apprehended by the affected persons. Now, it is your turn to check them about so that you can be capable of avoiding the worst cases. Remember, initial care will prove to be highly advantageous and if things become severe, difficulty would be huge. So, it’s mandatory to figure out the signs of problems, which necessitate proper and effective care. Signs and symptoms of harsh skin: Multiple problems may occur on your skin for which you must take help of the experts. However, these negative factors incorporate the followings: Rough skin textureTanned skinRashesAllergiesSkin irritationsBlackheadsPigmentationFine linesWrinklesSagging skinDark circlesAcne and scarPoresSkin lesions Well, damaged skin, which is not at all wanted, an outcome of a great many internal and external factors. You need to learn about those factors before making a step for availing a Skin Glow Session. Underlying causes for unpleasant skin: No matter, whether those are the blemishes or premature signs of ageing, various detrimental aspects are responsible for their occurrences. Just go through the below-listed topics to enhance your ideas on this concept. 1. Dust and dirt: The environment in which we are living is full of pollution and there is no way to escape that as we are supposed to perform all our tasks regularly. Thus, our skin gets directly exposed not only to dirt and dust but also to the harsh UV rays. These are not proper for your skin. However, you can also be experience the equal trouble if I am not incorrect. 2. Less water intake:Next, your dull and damaged skin can be a result of dehydration. Contemporary women have to spend most of the time outside their houses. May be, you are also one among them but that doesn’t mean you can consume insufficient water a day. Remember, that would put a negative impact. 3. Poor diet:Besides, healthy diet plan is of extreme vitality. Junk or greasy foods, taking meals at improper time may affect your skin. You must take a good care of that fact while adding fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables at the same time. Try to replace the oily foods as soon as possible. 4. Inadequate sleep:Enough and sound sleep may help your skin to look refreshed. Skin cells can’t perform well if the amount of sleep gets shortened. Proper sleeping paves the way for good blood circulation, which in case is needed for a healthy skin. 5. Mental stress:Workload, family issues or the troubles of conjugal life hamper your skin texture and thus, you skin lacks immunity and shine as well. Long office hours can also be mentioned over there. Besides, sedentary lifestyle and improper maintenance are two other causes for affecting the glamour of your skin. Exfoliation, cleansing, toning and moisturising are totally beneficial to withstand blistering skin. We have arranged a skin glowing session, available at just Rs. 150/-. Step into any of our clinics to access that opportunity.


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