Laser Hair Removal Benefits and Process


July 2019

Laser Hair Removal Benefits and Process

By: drPauls

Hair removing is one exercise for which so much of our time goes in parlor. It is one of the most compulsory tasks for girls before going out for a party, date, etc. Waxing, threading, shaving, electrolysis and laser are few temporary/permanent techniques available in the market to remove unwanted hair. However off late laser has gained popularity because of its benefits and the process. Laser hair removal is process where the laser lights are focused on to the hair follicles that leads to destruction and stops re-growth. Laser hair treatments work best for dark hair and light colored skin tones. The laser specialists will determine the number of sittings based on the area to be shaved off. It is important to follow doctor’s prescription carefully even after the hairs are removed. The process is painful but not as much as electrolysis. There would be uneasiness during the process but it is definitely bearable for women as we do waxing almost every month and this is one-time effort. You might experience some redness or rashes once the process is done, but those irritations would vanish with doctors prescribed creams. Laser hair removing procedures ensures precision and has no effects on other areas of the body. Speed is another worth noting advantage, where bothering areas like upper lip can be just done in less than a minute. Majority of the patients have had positive results with no recurring hair growth. Things to do before laser hair treatment: Visit the right place ensure you do the credential checkSun exposure is not effective for good laser results.Do trim your hair in the area if the doctor upon enquiry says that he will directly do laser and no trimmings.Above all, follow all the prescribed steps from A-Z by the doctor.


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