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What is Male Hair Loss?

Male Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Loss Treatment for Men Or Male Pattern Baldness Treatment has emerged to become a major and a very often found problem which can be required to get opted for at any point of time in a man's life. The term "Male Hair Loss” refers to, what is known as androgenic alopecia, and is the one of the most common type of hair loss witnessed amongst the men. Male hair loss is usually and very often related to your genes and also sometimes the male sex hormones. It usually tends to follow a broadening of forehead or pattern of a receding hairline and often thinning of hair on the crown area.

Male Hair Loss generally in not much of a sign of a very serious medical issue, but over the time, it has been found to be linked with a few other conditions including a coronary heart disease, or even an enlarged prostate or some stages of cancer, advanced stages of diabetes, sudden obesity, and also high blood pressure.

Our hair follicles start to age as we age with time. They tend to shrink due to some major hormonal imbalances which in turn start to interfere with our natural hair growth cycle. Thus, as a result, male hair loss starts to occur where hair follicles shrink due to the hormonal imbalances in the ratio of Testosterone, which is the male hormone. This pattern of hair loss can start to affect more areas than just your scalp part. It can even start to have a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Dr Paul’s is a one stop solution for all types of Male Hair Loss Treatments in Kolkata

Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata

5 Major Causes of Hair Loss in Men

  • STRESS - Stress can be a major factor which triggers male hair loss. Stress can tend to cause the hair to shed from the scalp. Any form of stress, whether it is physical or emotional stress, sickness, injury and even surgery is directly or indirectly linked to hair loss.
  • NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY - Our hair requires an adequate amount of nutrition for proper shelf life and growth. If your hair does not receive proper amount of nutrients, the result may get drastic leading to hair loss, dull hair, dry hair, fizziness etc.
  • MEDICATIONS - At times even the medications, which are taken in order to cure some other physiological symptoms, may result in the gradual thinning of hair, indicating approaching pattern baldness.
  • HEREDITARY - Male Hair loss caused due to heredity is one of the most common causes of male pattern baldness. Baldness due to hereditary is a natural condition which is caused by some or the other combination of genetic mutations, imbalance in hormone levels and the advancing aging process.
  • HORMONAL IMBALANCE - Increasing hair thinning and advancing male hair loss could be an implying result of a fluctuating testosterone level in the body. Extreme low or extreme high levels of this particular hormone are known to end up as a result in hair loss.
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Different Stages of Male Pattern Baldness

  • STAGE 1 - In the initial stage or the primary phase, there is absolutely no amount of unnatural hair loss over the crown area of the head. The hair at the hairline also seems not to be receding.
  • STAGE 2 - At the second stage of male pattern baldness, we can see some visible receding hairline slightly above the area of the upper brow crease on the forehead. However, the hair loss at this particular stage is definitely quite mild. This is also termed as an adult hairline or sometimes even called a mature hairline.
  • STAGE 3 - On the third stage, this becomes the one that makes it evident enough to become an alarming concern. This stage usually involves one’s hairline receding in a particular pattern. Amongst the men it generally starts from the sides of the temples creating an “M” shape on the crown part of the head. This is where it begins to become much harder to conceal the hair loss..
  • STAGE 4 - At this stage it is very well evident that you are experiencing what is commonly termed as male pattern baldness. Now you will be gradually developing some noticeable patches and bald spots. The hair present on your crown will gradually thin out and you may start losing large patches of your hair follicles in the back of your head around the vertex, or sometimes even in the front of your head.
  • STAGE 5 - This is the stage which predominantly starts to mark the beginning of a severe hair loss. There is a clear demarcation between the visible loss of hair at the hairline and loss of hair at the crown. The strip or the band of hair in between the two areas gradually becomes much thinner and narrower as the condition begins to progress.
  • STAGE 6 - The sixth stage of male pattern hair loss shows most of the hair from the crown as to be completely lost with a just few sparse strands of hair left out. The remaining of hair shafts forms a horseshoe shape right around the balding area towards the center of the scalp.
  • STAGE 7 - This is the most advanced and the most severe stage of hair loss. There is only a band of hair which goes around the sides of the head and these are the only few hair strands which seems to remain. This thin strip of hair is generally not dense and even may be fine.
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Facts that you should know about Male Hair Loss

  • The issue of Male Hair Loss can affect up to a huge number of people, to be specific a one-third of the total number of men by the time they turn 30. Some men usually start to see a single bald spot on their crown area. The others may experience and start to notice their hairlines receding in a patchy and irregular pattern.
  • The symptoms of Hair Loss in Men can start and be very much visible even in your teens, earl 20s, or even earl 30s. As very clear by now, male pattern baldness is not controlled by the age factor and thus can affect any man at any point of time, totally depending on their genetic inheritance and even hormonal imbalance.
  • A Male Hair Loss Pattern which is hereditary in nature does not show symptoms like the sudden losing out of the hair follicles but rather shows signs like gradual thinning of the hair shaft, and thus shifting from having coarser and thicker hair to having much thinner and lean hair shafts.
  • This sort of hair loss generally starts with a receding hairline, and then slowly moves to thinning of the hair shafts at the crown area or temple area, leaving a horseshoe shape of hair towards the back along with the sides of the head.
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Recommended Treatment for Male Hair Loss?

Dr Paul’s most experienced trichologists suggest that you get to know the root of your hair fall problem before you opt for any hair loss treatments. There are various solutions like Meso Therapy, PRP Treatment, Platelet implementation, hair transplant etc. Hair Transplant services include FUT, FUE and Stem Cell Therapy. We, at Dr. Paul’s, focus on FUE technique. For any query, consult our Hair Expert at -

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