Should You Apply Conditioner Before Shampooing


July 2019

Should You Apply Conditioner Before Shampooing

By: drPauls

The direct answer is: Of course, you should. This is not a new trend which doesn’t have any scientific basis, but, in fact, if you apply the conditioner before shampooing, then you will be able to enjoy the following merits: Works great for thin-haired girls: If you have pretty thin hair,applying conditioner before shampoowill help you to achieve a fuller look. Conditioning the hair prior to shampooing helps to keep your hair from weighing down. So, to make your hair look thicker, go for reverse wash. Use a light serum to make it smooth after the wash.It is the primer for the shampoo: We all know that primer is essential for holding the make-up in its place. The same thing is with conditioner too. It creates a smooth and even palette so that your shampoo remains stick to its proper where it should be. This sticking helps you to distribute the shampoo to every strand of the hair. As such, you will get a clean scalp every time you wash it by conditioning your hair before shampooing and ensure a less product build-up. Quite amazing, isn’t it?The method provides hydration to the hair: Dry hairs can be rough and prone to tangles and breakage. Using conditioner before shampoo is great for hydrating dry hair strands. You will get the required hydration without losing much of your hair. Most of the hair-care experts believe that you should practice it mainly during the summer season. It is because your hair remains dry during the summer season as compared to the winter.Condition from top to bottom to increase the effect of the shampoo:Mostly, we apply conditioner from the ears down. But, if you’re going to use the conditioner before shampooing, you should apply the conditioner to all the hairs of your head. Take the required dollop, and then rub it all over your head. After sometime, wash it off with shampoo to get the best result.It will give a long-lasting blow-dry effect: Do you want to avoid blow drying your hair? To make your blow-dry last for long, condition your hair before applying shampoo. By doing it, you will get healthy hairs which means that the hair treatments are getting deep inside to nourish your hair and to increase its life-span.Reverse washing doesn’t give good result with every product: Many girls you have tried reverse washing complained that it doesn’t go well enough with every shampoo and conditioner. So, you have to try many branded conditioners and shampoo until you get the one which will suit this method. There are some products which come in the market along with its conditioner which are particularly designed for reverse washing. Reverse washing is best for people with thin hair. However, if you’ve blonde hair, you should avoid reverse shampooing and stick to its traditional method. You can’t afford to lose your hair as it is precious for you. So, do the homework before you invest your time and money in anything.


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