Success Story- Acne Treatment


July 2019

Success Story- Acne Treatment

By: drPauls

Acne Treatment At Dr.Paul’s Mrs. Bimla walked into Dr.Paul’s on a pleasant morning for her acne treatment. The specialist at Dr.Paul’s received her and directed her to the concerned specialist. Mrs. Bimla briefed about her acne problem, the specialist at Dr.Paul’s enquired all about acne, The diet she followed, the food that she is allergic to, the intervals at which the acne is at its peak, the previous medicines taken. The specialist then came up with a proper treatment plan, The dosage of medicines and a new diet was prescribed. On the improvement of acne the dosage of medicines was further reduced. In 6 months time Mrs. Bimla found a vast difference and thanked the specialist who treated her at Dr.Paul’s. If you too are suffering from acne problem, you have seen the results! Pick up the phone and call us to book an appointment today! ** The name of the patient has been changed to protect their privacy.


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