Success Story – Alopecia


July 2019

Success Story – Alopecia

By: drPauls

Hair Fall Treatment At Dr. Paul’s Are you worried about your hair fall? Don’t be! Here is a success story of our patient Mrs. Arunima Mukherjee. Mrs. Arunima walked into Dr. Paul’s and was attended by specialists at Dr.Paul’s. As her appointment was already fixed she was directed to the consultation room. Mrs. Mukherjee was aware of Alopecia, She was a little concerned about the treatment. Her main concern was if there are any side effects. We comforted her and made sure we drive away such fears. She wanted a solution to her alopecia so we came up with a treatment plan where she was briefed about the way the treatment would follow, the diet to be followed, the medicines to be taken. Mrs. Arunima followed the plan as scheduled for her and in 5 months time she found visible difference. She walked out with a smile on her face and we in return gained another happy patient on our list. If you too are suffering from hair fall troubles, Pick up the phone and call us to book an appointment today! ** The name of the patient has been changed to protect their privacy.


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