Success Story – Hair Fall Treatment


July 2019

Success Story – Hair Fall Treatment

By: drPauls

Hair Fall Treatment at Dr.Paul’s Hair Fall is something which many people experience. Here is a success story of our patient Mr. Bishnoi. As per the appointment, Mr. Bishnoi came to Dr.Paul’s, He had an hour-long session with our specialist where he was asked details regarding his hair-loss. Since this was his first visit for hair-loss treatment to any specialist at all, We examined the hair-loss pattern and then explained the entire procedure of the treatment. Certain medicines and medicated oil was prescribed. On observing the progress of the hair growth medicines were changed. By the end of 8 months, he was content with the amount of hair growth and left the clinic with joy. If you too are suffering from hair fall problem, you have seen the results! Pick up the phone and call us to book an appointment today! ** The name of the patient has been changed to protect their privacy.


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