Success Story of Acne Treatment at Dr.Paul’s


July 2019

Success Story of Acne Treatment at Dr.Paul’s

By: drPauls

Success Story Of Acne Treatment At Dr.Paul’s! Ms. Subha visited Dr.Paul’s multispeciality clinic on the day of her appointment. Upon her enquiry for acnetreatment she was attended by a staff at Dr.Paul’s who led her to the specialists clinic. Ms. Subha entered the clinic with a lot of worry on her face, The specialist calmed her down and enquired about the acne problem. An hour long discussion about the eating habit, The type of atmosphere she worked in, The amount of exposure to sun, The amount of time she was suffering from acne, all was discussed. Ms. Subha patiently furnished all the details. The specialist explained her about the grade at which her acne was and came up with a proper treatment plan. The diet to be followed and the medicines to be taken was all explained. Ms. Subha was regular for her check up. At the end of 10 months she could find a vast difference. She walked out of the clinic with a smile and we got yet another happy patient to our list.


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