The 7 Common Hair myths You Should Stop Believing


July 2019

The 7 Common Hair myths You Should Stop Believing

By: drPauls

Whether you’ve lustrous long locks or a trendy bob cut, you definitely love your hair. Today, most of the people face hair challenges- sometimes it comes as unruly curls and sometimes as weird cowlicks. But, you should know when a problem arises, there must be a solution. While hunting for the solution, you have to overcome the myths that are the roadblocks in its path. So, get on the Ferrari, and start the hunting. Remember, we have to run-over the myths. Hair Myths: Regular trimming accelerates hair growth  Regular trimming accelerates hair growth According to Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, “Trimming happens at the scalp. It has no connection with the growth of the hair.” Though, trimming doesn’t affect the growth, but it surely adds volume to your hair and prevents it from damaging. Frequent shampooing is bad for hair  Frequent shampooing is bad for hair Many a times, our grandma says, “Why don’t you apply shampoo daily? It’s good for your hair.” Is that really so? The modern hair experts have proved that frequent shampooing steals the natural oil from the hair leaving it frizzy and dry. Therefore, overcome this myth and apply shampoo 2 days max. in a week. We have already started our journey and have ran-over two myths. Now, it’s time for the next one. So, are you ready for it? Right products help to manage the split ends Right products help to manage the split ends Unfortunately, you cannot mend the split ends. To get rid of those, you can cut them off. Another way to keep them hidden is to use silicone or beeswax products. By using these products, you can temporary fix the issue, but there is no permanent solution to it. Coloring damages the hair  Coloring damages the hair This was once true, but not now. Present day coloring products are gentle enough to cause any kind of damage. Moreover, some contain hair conditioners which make the hair more manageable than before. So, no need to worry, go on coloring and explore your style. Over brushing adds to the lustre Over brushing adds to the luster It is only a myth which may interfere with your hair care. You should limit it to several strokes, because over brushing pulls the hair from their follicles. As such, it weakens the hair strands. So, brush your hair only to wear the hairdos. Flat, thin hair cannot look voluminous Flat, thin hair cannot look voluminous Do you have thin hair?Do you envy the volume of your friend’s hair? Five minutes large hot rollers along with a little teasing will do the trick. Apart from it, there are many hairstyles such as soft shag and vintage up hairdothat are perfect for fine, straight hair. Only a dry scalp has dandruff Only a dry scalp has dandruff We generally flakes with dry scalp, so this myth is obvious. But, actually an oily scalp is responsible for dandruff. It is caused due to a specific yeast-like fungus known as Malassezia. So, if you’re planning to skip shampooing by believing in the myth, then think again. Just don’t read these myths, try to overcome them. It will definitely help you in the long run and in maintaining the healthy hair.


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