Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Monsoon Season


July 2019

Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Monsoon Season

By: drPauls

Monsoons have finally hit us in India witnessing heavy rainfalls in few parts of country. Kolkata is preparing to welcome the rains. The temperature generally takes a dip with onset of monsoon, but this year, the mercury has been on the higher side. After a long cast of heat wave, we all are eagerly waiting for relief of the much-awaited monsoons, the lush green freshly bathed trees, coolness of the breeze, intoxicating fragrance of rain, enjoying the sound of rain, rain dance, pakora parties, hangouts and what not! But what about our skin? Does it love monsoon too? The answer is NO! Like any other season, monsoon has its own share of skin problems. But with all that beauty of rains, the season also ushers all us into various illness and triggers the spread of diseases. The general health and body immunity can take a downhill this season. To stay fit and healthy, Dr. Paul’s have few tricks and tips up his sleeve to keep your skin monsoon proof! The Need To Stay Warm And Dry… For readers who are caught in rain without umbrellas this week, or you are out for late lunch/dinner, or running an early leave from office, or forced to take a shelter in a nearby corner store, do remember staying dry and warm is the best way to stay monsoon proof and avoid any skin infections. While every kind of skin needs that extra attention in this humid conditions, but before that one needs to determine what skin type it belongs to. In rainy season, humidity, low air pressure and dampness lowers the immunity level of skin. Also the alternating phenomenon of rain and heat is usually a bad combination for your health. Our body becomes vulnerable to reach of viruses, parasites and bacteria. The humid and damp weather takes a huge toll on our skin – no matter what our skin type is! Monsoon makes our skin more prone to infections like bacterial, fungal and parasitic or skin allergies that are commonly seen. If wet clothes are worn for longer hours, it leads to underarms and other private parts of body to be infected with fungal infections. Fungal and bacterial infections are the dominants of this season, especially attacking the feet. Skin eczema and allergies tends to flare and increase in monsoon. More cases of people approaching us with eczema of feet and hands are high during the rainy season. Children are more prone to contacting bacterial viruses like impetigo, pyoderma, etc. due to climate. Parasitic infections are also observed in this weather, a highly contagious skin infections. The best way to avoid such skin diseases is to keep your hand and feet clean, warm and dry. The Skin Type Family You Belong… Reading so far, if you don’t know your skin type, you have made it easier for more you. The two classifications of skin types that gets the maximum damages during monsoon: Oily Skin – Too much exposure to heat followed by excessive humidity has impact on oily skin in the most adverse manner. This also worsen the existing proliferate whitehead, pimples, blackheads and acne. Dry Skin – Lack of skin oils and moisture content in most cases also leads to skin dryness, which implies that solvents and soaps are better accustomed to penetrate your skin. This can pull out your natural skin oils. This tends to make the skin more drier. During monsoons your skin tends to behave in an unpredictable manner that fluctuates from dry to oily skin types. A good skin daily regime care with well balanced exercise and diet routine is the key for your glowing skin and prevention of skin infections! Here Are Few Tips Which You Can Follow: Use a mild toner and cleanser twice daily for washing your face. A facial scrub is must during monsoon for exfoliating the dead skin twice a week is highly recommended. Post the scrub, clean your face by mild alcohol free toner to wipe out the residual skin impurities and also helps in reducing pores. To see best skin results, you can use Dr. Paul’s Meso Skin Care Range, products made out of natural micro granules enriched with skin vitamins and AHA for achieving the perfect glowing skin!Applying sunscreen is must even on a cloudy day as there are UV rays which can penetrate skin and harm it. Sola Safe SPF 50 + Silicone Sunscreen Gel, the bestseller sunscreen range by us, use it daily to see best results.Due to constant humidity and wet climate, your skin tends to get dry and generally leads to body itchiness. A good lukewarm bath followed by good body moisturizing twice daily will help to keep your skin glow and disease free.Mild chemical peels for your skin can also rejuvenates your dull and dry skin in monsoon and also maintains the skin PH balance.Have plenty of fluids, especially consuming water is important.Avoid application of heavy makeup during monsoons. Nowadays, there are new waterproof dermatologically tested light and sheer products. If you are using, remove the makeup completely at end of the day followed by light moisture to keep your skin safe.Make sure that all your makeup brushes and applicators are sterilized regularly to prevent any sort of skin infections.Opt for lotion – based serum that would help in keeping your skin hydrated and also keeps your skin glow intact.Consumption of more salads, soups and vegetables after good cleansing and boiling is must. God blessed us with rain to get relief from the summer scorching heat. Let us strive to keep our skin safe from infections and enjoy this monsoon without falling prey to illnesses.


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