Top 5 tips to maintain your hair this summer


July 2019

Top 5 tips to maintain your hair this summer

By: drPauls

Although summer is exciting for various reasons, it does sometime cause bad hair days due to heat and humidity. Whether you have curly, straight, coily or wavy hair – this season is harmful for all hair type. Hair fall, dull hair, frizzy hair and lack of shine are some of the common problem we face due to harmful UV rays. However, with proper care and following 5 tips you can maintain healthy hair this summer. Top 5 tips to maintain your hair this summer Sun Protect â€“ The best way to protect your hair from sun is to wear hat and use sun protect spray when stepping out. It is good to tie a low ponytail if you cannot handle a strand out of place. If you love going to beaches make sure to cover your hair with scarf to sort messy hair and still look great. Also covering hair when swimming can avoid the harm chlorine and salt water brings. Reduce Styling â€“ Hair care summer regime gets easier by staying away or reducing over processing. That simply means reduce the use of styling products and treatment such as ironing, curling or colors. You can still get ready for parties with various hair styles such as putting a bob, braid and pony tails. Shampoo and Conditioner â€“ Choose your shampoo and conditioner carefully, not every high-priced product can be great. A sulfate-free shampoo is much gentle and easy on scalp, which will leave your hair much softer and frizz-free. It is healthy to wash your hair using mild shampoo every alternative day and moisturize with conditioner in summer. At Home Care â€“ Apart from investing in good shampoo and conditioner, figure out what else is required to keep your hair healthy. Deep conditioning once a week is good for dry and damaged hair. Whereas a hair mask can hydrate and repair your hair and scalp. Let your hair dry naturally after wash to avoid hair fall. Hair Diet â€“ Of course, nutrition is most important for any regime and so it hair care regime. Lack of protein and vitamins can take a toll on healthy hair, so incorporate food that is rich in protein, fiber and vitamins. And yes, never miss out on drinking enough water to keep your hair healthy and shiny.


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