Top 8 Things to Know About Female Hair Loss


July 2019

Top 8 Things to Know About Female Hair Loss

By: drPauls

Long, bouncy, black hair- it’s the dream of almost every woman. To them, hair is something more than just a bundle of fibre. It tells about their personality and style. So, when they start losing it, they become utterly frustrated. To get the hair loss solution, you have to know more about your hair. Find the counts below: Ovulate to produce estrogen and progesterone: Your hair loves to have estrogen and progesterone. Your body can produce these hormones only by ovulation. And, ovulation cannot be performed until you stop taking the pills. However, it can cause temporary damage to your hair as the follicles withdraw from the artificial estrogen. You will be able to observe some improvement in your pill-withdrawal shedding within a few months and it will continue as long as you ovulate.Lower the androgen levels: Androgens are just one type of hormones like the other hormones namely DHT, testosterone, and androstenedione. Androgen production to a certain level is essential for the health of your bones and libido. But if you produce too many androgens, you may become a victim of diffuse hair loss, which will particularly attack your temples.Your Thyroid may be responsible for it: The follicles are very sensitive to the thyroid hormone. Do not start taking any medicine before your physician tells you that you’re losing the hair due to your thyroid. He will ask you to undergo some tests for ‘Thyroid antibodies’. When the thyroid hormone levels rise or drop off, the body suffers an imbalance. This imbalance ultimately causes your hairs to fall out.Don’t stop taking starched foods completely: Yes, it’s good to follow a strict diet, but you shouldn’t stop taking the starched foods such as potato and rice. In fact, they are good for most of the women. Starches are responsible for the proper working of the hormonal system which is inclusive of thyroid, adrenal and other female hormones. If your body starts suffering from starch deficiency, then your hypothalamus gland will stop your periods. This, in turn, will stop the production of the hair friendly estrogen and progesterone.Stick to a particular hair loss treatment to get the result: The follicles are like the time capsules. Your hair today may be the reflection of a long past incident. The resting or the telogen phase is mainly responsible for the shedding and this phase lasted for 2-6 months. Once your hormonal issue compelled the hairs to enter the resting phase, the hairs will start to fall out within 2-6 months. You just have to sit helpless during this period. Therefore, you should stick to a particular hair loss treatment for at least 6 months to re-balance your hormones.Test your iron level: Whatever may be cause of the shedding, the condition gets worsened if you are suffering from iron deficiency. The follicles require a lot of iron to accelerate the growth process. So, ask your doctor to test your iron levels. If it is 50mg/ML, then it’s OK, otherwise he may suggest you to take some iron capsules. Follow the tips mentioned above to enjoy  long bouncing hairs forever.


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