Top Reasons to Love Liposuction to Bid Adieu to Your Fat


July 2019

Top Reasons to Love Liposuction to Bid Adieu to Your Fat

By: drPauls

Can’t you wear your favourite outfit due to your love handles? In such a situation, it may be hard to be optimistic. But, you can achieve more aesthetically satisfying body shape through liposuction. How Liposuction is performed? Liposuction removes the stubborn fat from certain parts of the body. Prior to the surgery, the patient is given anaesthesia. A small cannula is inserted into the patient’s body through tiny incision in the skin. The doctor moves the tube under the skin to melt the fat deposits. The fat is then suctioned out through the tubes. The duration of the procedure varies with the quantity of fat require to remove. What’s the main purpose of the surgery? The main purpose of Liposuction is to tone up specific body parts, and not to reduce the overall weight. Many a time, you may have feel that even after doing workouts and undergoing diet, your belly size doesn’t reduce. Apart from it, you may have found it difficult to remove the fat deposits at the buttocks, hips, thighs, upper arms, and legs. That’s where, Liposuction plays its role. Moreover, you can treat the following issues with Liposuction: Gynecomastia or man boobsHuge sweating in the armpit areaNon-malignant fatty tumorsIssues with metabolism of fat in the body. This is known as lipodystrophy. Is the treatment effective? You will definitely notice some improvement in your body shape after the surgery. This improvement goes on for several weeks to some months as your body stops to swell. In some cases, the treatment doesn’t give instant result. As the fat cells are removed from the body forever, so you won’t regain fat in that particular area. However, it may appear in some other region. How safe is the procedure? Liposuction is absolutely safe if you get it done from a well-trained physician. As it is a surgery, it brings about a significant change in the overall appearance of the body. It may also include some side –effects which are almost negligible. These are: Temporary swellingChanges in the skin colorBruisingInfectionUneven skin surfaceIrritationBaggy skinNumbness in and around the treated areas. All these side-effects do not last for a long time. You can avoid all these issues by avoiding excess removal of fat. But, if you face any one of them, you should consult the issues immediately with your surgeon. Who is eligible for Liposuction? According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the people who have isolated fatty areas and do not undergo diet and workouts are the best to have the surgery. The common areas of concern are the ‘saddle bags’ and ‘love handles’. To enjoy a tight skin even after the treatment, the patient should have toned skin. However, Laser Liposuction can take out the excess fat without making your skin sag. Who should not undergo the surgery? People who suffer from other health issues as it may interfere with the surgery.The lidocaine allergic people cannot undergo the treatment because it is used during the process.Expected mothers or nursingPeople who take medicines for preventing blood clot. If these people opt for Liposuction, they have to stop taking the medicine at least one week before the surgery. Fat people of any age group can undergo the treatment. But, aged people will have less stretched skin as compared to the younger patients. Liposuction is, indeed, an ideal solution for those who want to refine their contours quickly and in a safe manner.


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