When Should You Worry About Your Hair Loss


July 2019

When Should You Worry About Your Hair Loss

By: drPauls

If you see some hairs falling out during the brush, you may not take it seriously. But, the thing is how much hair loss you should consider as normal. Most people lose 100-125 hairs per day as some in the resting stage shed making way for the growth of the new hairs. Losing more than 125 hairs a day can be serious.  It may be an indication of a health issue. So, you should know why your hair is falling out so that you can take preventive measures before the eleventh hour. Less than 50% of women enjoy having a head full with dense hair throughout their life. While, in case of men, this percentage is very low limiting it to only 20%. A review of Cochrane to treat female pattern hair loss shows that the psychological impact of hair loss in women is much stronger than men. Most of the men completely ignore the issue letting them to go bald. Losing hair in small clumps doesn’t lead to baldness. But, your hair loss is not only telling you that you’re destined to be bald, in fact, it’s saying something more serious than that- some disease is going to affect you soon. So, when the shedding becomes an indication of your health issue? If you are experiencing these following conditions along with the hair loss, it may be serious. Anaemia leads to thinning of the hair.It happens when the haemoglobin counts lower in the blood. This haemoglobin carries oxygen and iron in the bloodstream. If you’re anaemic, less oxygen and iron are transported to the hair follicles leading to its death. To know whether you’re suffering from anaemia, check out the following symptoms. WeaknessShortness of breathPale skinTingling or crawling in the legsSoreness or swelling in the tongue These are some other symptoms of anemia apart from hair loss. If you observe rapid shedding along with the above-said symptoms, you may have become an anaemia patient. At a given time, most of our hairs grow while only few stay in the resting phase. The thyroid disease either boosts or lowers the normal thyroid level. When such changes happen in the body, too many hairs enter the resting phase causing balding or rapid hair shedding. The heart beat increasesWeight gain or lossSwelling of the neckFrequent mood swingsConstipationVision problem All these are the symptoms of thyroid. So, you may need to consult with a physician instead of a hair care expert as your hair loss may not only be related to your scalp’s condition, but to your health directly. Diabetes is another disease which causes hairs to fall out. When you have diabetes, your body stops to produce or use insulin. Insulin removes the sugar from the food we eat and prevent it from entering into our blood vessel. Instead, the insulin stores the excess sugar into other body cells to be used as energy in the future. So, when the insulin production stops, sugar builds up in our body. It, in turn, damages the blood vessel. As such, the blood vessels fail to carry out oxygen which is necessary for the healthy growth of the hair and finally the hairs fall out. If you observe the following symptoms along with the hair loss, you may have become a victim of diabetes. Weight lossBlurred visionFatigueTingling feet and handsFrequent infections or injury takes a long time to heal If you feel that your hair loss is signalling to some serious disease, then you should immediately consult with a doctor. Remember, every hair loss is treatable provided you’ve diagnosed its cause when you still have time.


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