10 Things about your hair fall you need to know – Don’t miss out on the 7th!


July 2019

10 Things about your hair fall you need to know – Don’t miss out on the 7th!

By: drPauls

Hair fall is not a pleasing condition for anybody, but it is slowly becoming a common condition for men and women in all ages. Research say, about 85% of men will have hair fall problem before they turn 50 and some many have as early as 20. Clinically people who experience hair loss is known as alopecia areata, a skin disease that can affect all hair-bearing skin and is characterized by localized areas of non-scarring hair loss. However, this condition is treatable with advance cosmetology. 10 Things about your hair fall you need to know Falling 50-100 Strands is Normal – Don’t fret until you have about 50-100 strands falling a day, but if you see more loss after bath, on pillow, while styling and combing then you need medical help. Hormone and Heredity Causes Hair Fall – Hormonal changes during pregnancy is the most important cause for hair fall in women. While many with family history of hair fall that is heredity will also affect your hair condition. Styling – Often styling such as blow dry, coloring, straitening, curling and other chemical treatment may lead to hair fall if proper care is not taken after and before the process. Stress Causes Hair Fall – Stress is unavoidable these days but many people do not know how much affect stress can have on your system. Primarily, stress will affect your gorgeous and lustrous hair, so treating stress can treat hair fall. Catch the Early Signs – When it comes to hair fall, often people miss out on early signs and look for treatment when it turns worse. Early signs can include more than normal hair fall, drying, and itching in scalp should be noted. Vitamin E can help – Just getting into the habit of applying Vitamin E rich oil regularly will keep your hair moisturized and less prone to hair fall. Proper Diet – Good nutritious protein diet is must to protect your scalp from within. Green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits can do wonders. Smoking Causes Hair Loss – Men who smoke and drink alcohol will more likely have hair fall within the age 30. Take Prevention – Protecting your hair from sun and choosing expert product can save your hair for life. Hair fall is Treatable – According to the hair type your dermatologist can advice hair fall treatment such as laser hair transplant.


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