10 Winter Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Tangling


July 2019

10 Winter Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Tangling

By: drPauls

TV shows and movies can be quiet deceiving. They often show women with long lustrous tresses twirling and dancing in the wind without worrying a bit about their hair getting tangled. Do your hair strands tends to like cuddle each other? Are they not willing to part ways? Have you broken many brushes and combs trying to get rid of tangles and knots? Well, here’s a list of 10 tips for you to stop hair from getting knotted up. Also don’t forget to check out what are the essentials steps to take good care for your skin during winters. Read on how to Improve Skin Health – Winter Care At Home. But before that, let’s take a look into what exactly causes hair tangling. What Causes Tangled Hair? 1. Lack Of Hydration When the hair lacks moisture, tension and friction are caused in hair, which then leads to hair tangles. The hair outer layer, the shaft, breaks resulting in damaged and rough look. Lack of hydration in hair damages the hair condition. 2. Sleeping With Your Hair Down Sleeping without tying your hair or braiding can cause some serious hair tangles. Another major No-No is going to sleep with wet hair. Hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet. It can easily get frizzy and break. 3. Not Combing Not combing your hair daily could be a major threat. It will create tangles, knots, and kinks in your hair eventually. Without any hair being combed, the residue or oil which is built up can disrupt the hair health and growth. 4. Untrimmed Dry Ends Letting your hair left unattended for a long time without trimming can result in frizzy hair and split ends. Dry and frizzy ends tend to break apart easily. Once it breaks, it cannot be repaired. These frizzy, dry strands and split ends can easily tangle your hair. 5. Damaged Cuticles Constantly blow drying or heat styling your hair can make your shafts break resulting in knots. Hair loss is commonly caused by damaged cuticles due to unhealthy lifestyles such as excessive eating or smoking, which leaves the external layers of hair to get scraped off and eventually leaving the inner layer unprotected and exposed. Tangles does sound scary, don’t they? Luckily, there are a few simple things one can do to prevent your beautiful long hair from getting knotted. But at first, know how to identify the signs of damaged hair. How To Identify Signs Of Damaged Hair There’s nothing more painful than the thought of chopping your hair off because it has become lifeless, brittle, and dry. You will be happy to know that there are still ways to protect and restore back your locks. But before we get to that, let’s see how can you identify the signs of having damaged hair. 1. Rough Texture The easiest way of knowing if hair is damaged or not is by holding upside down and running the ends through your fingers. If the ends of the hair are sticking out and feel dry or rough, your hair is probably damaged. 2. Dulled Shine A damaged hair will lack shine and luster. When the cuticles are damaged, the hair shafts stops shinning. 3. Split Ends You can identify split ends by gently twisting your hair ends. The hair which sticks out is the split ends. If the ends are split in two, it’s time for you to get a trim. 4. Lack Of Moisture While dry hair is not damaged always, but damaged hair is dry. If your hair does not seem to be conditioned no matter how and what you try, it is sure sign that damaged cuticles are unable to seal moisture. 5. Extreme Breakage If your hair breaks while combing it, even when you run your fingers through it, sure it is damaged. The strength of your hair shaft reduces when the outer hair layer is damaged. 6. High Porosity As cuticle is removed, a passing of moisture becomes much easier. The hair shafts collect the external moisture and it starts to swell which makes the hair frizzy. 7. Too Many Tangles Unlike healthy hair where the hair shafts are smooth, the damaged hair have rough cuticles that gets tangled up and resulting in knots. The dryness of hair makes hard to get the hair tangles out and often leads to breakage. Know How To Get Rid Of Tangles 1. Condition Your Hair Just shampooing your hair is not merely enough. For good maintenance of your hair finish it off with a good moisture-locking conditioner. This will help in brushing your hair without any obstacles. It also helps in softening and smoothen your dry hair strands effectively. 2. Use A Wide-Toothed Comb For maintaining good hair health, it best to avoid round brush or rat-tailed comb on tangled hair. They can open the hair shafts and cause further damage. Instead using a wide-toothed comb will be helpful since it removes tangles without tearing or creating an extra force on hair too much. 3. Use De-tangling Products Using detangling hair products like serums, sprays, and conditioners can help in undoing knots effectively. These hair products will help in softening dry hair strands and eliminating interweaves. If a large knot is bothering you, application of these detangling products and massaging your stresses gently with brushing downwards can help in keeping your hair smooth and soft. 4. Apply Hair Masks Application of hair mask can improve your texture of hair drastically if done once a week. It smoothens and hydrates your dry cuticles, leaving your hair soft and silky. Some of the effective ingredient used for transforming hair are honey, yogurt, and almond oil. Mixing these ingredients, apply and leave it for 20 minutes. If masks are time-consuming, you can also try adding lemon juice to 2 cups of water and massaging onto your scalp. This will help in transforming hair within days. 5. Oil Your Hair Regularly To give your hair a dose of healthy moisture, all you need is to oil it on regular basis. Coconut oil is a great way to show some care and love to your locks. Massaging some warm coconut oil over your dry stresses will work wonders! This trick works on all hair types and to get everlasting results, mixing coconut oil with jojoba oil works perfectly. 6. Rinse With Cold Water This is a simple trick but yet effective one. Rinsing your hair locks with cold water helps in closing the hair cuticles and prevents further breakage. By doing so, it also keeps dry and rough hair at bay. 7. Avoid Using Heat Styling Tools Heating hair with styling tools like hair straighteners, dryers, curlers can take a toll on your hair locks. It can make them dry which leads then to tangling. To avoid such, using these tools at low to medium heat. You can further prevent damage by application of heat protectant before heating your hair. 8. Go Easy With The Towel Rubbing and twisting your hair vigorously with a terrycloth towel immediately post a shower can cause a huge amount of hair fall and breakage. It also affects the cuticles structure, resulting in frizzy hair and split ends. Instead, squeezing your hair gently with a towel and let your air dry. To get quality results to use microfiber towels are the best options. 9. Protect Your Hair While Sleeping Just like our body needs rest, so does our hair too. Invest in a good pillowcase as to avoid friction and prevents from hair getting tangled. Avoiding cotton pillowcases is a good idea as they are rough and tend to break and dry your hair out. 10. Avoid Products Containing Alcohol Although there is a wide range of products which claims to be natural, it is essential to look for the ones that are true to their claims. One should avoid trying alcohol-based products since it dries your hair and ruins your hair textures leading to breakage and tangling. Well, that’s how one can prevent hair from getting knotted. But you must be wondering how to fix it once it has already knotted up. Keep reading for some more easy tips and tricks. Tips To Fix Tangled Hair Use your fingers to detangle the knots before combing. This reduces the size of tangles substantially and makes the process less painful.Before detangling section out your hair. This will make the work more manageable.Trimming every three months is vital to get rid of split ends.Brushing wet hair can further result in hair fall. Instead, using fingers to separate tangles and knots right after a bath is essential.Avoid over-styling your hair because products used can leave a residue which will contribute to hair knotting.Condition after washing your hair. Not only it will make your hair more manageable, but also reduce flyaways and frizz.Wear a hat or scarf when stepping out to protect it from wind, sun, dust, and pollutants.Oil massaging with natural oil prior to shampooing benefits the hair a lot. The Top 10 Best Foods For Hair Growth Interestingly our hair grows around 0.5 inches to 1 cm per month and about 6 inches per year. How fast the hair grows depends on factors like health, age, diet, and genetics. Although factors like genetics and age cannot be changed, diet is something we all have control over. In fact, diet lacking sufficient nutrients can lead to hair loss. Eating a balanced diet with an intake of proper nutrients can help in hair growth promotion, especially if one is experiencing hair loss due to a poor diet.Here are the 10 best foods you can eat to promote hair growth. EggsBerriesSpinachFatty Fish Like Salmon, herring, and mackerelSweet PotatoesAvocadosNutsShrimpPulses & LegumesBeans If you think you’re lacking any of these, try adding some to your diet. It may help in promoting good hair growth. De-tangling your hair can be one painful work. It doesn’t have to be anymore! Just follow these simple tips and trick to transform your hair into long, silky and voluminous tresses. Let us know which tip helped you the most in the comment box below.


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