5 Things That Come In Our Mind When We See A Bald Man!


July 2019

5 Things That Come In Our Mind When We See A Bald Man!

By: drPauls

Let’s face it! Bald is NOT always beautiful. We mean, not all people look like a Michael Jordan or a Bruce Willis when bald right! At times it is plain ugly and embarrassing especially for young men. Things become over more complicated and sad if it is someone close to you who is embarrassed of your baldness. As such, here are some of the things that come to our mind when we see a bald man: Bald Men are not Dating Material: For some reason, women do not find bald man attractive. On the contrary, they actually feel intimidated by them or even consider them ugly. As such, they really do not wish to date them or even consider a relationship with them in most cases. Bald Men are Ugly: Now this is one thing said by almost everyone to bald people today. Like it or not, they are considered to look really ugly and at times even scary and intimidating. Kids are known to run scared of them while adults just consider bald men to be freaks. Bald Men are presumed to be Criminals: Adding to the earlier point here, many people just assume bald men to be evil and have criminal mindsets just because they are bald. While it does sound unfair but society as such is not that fair in the way they perceive and judge people. Bald Men are considered to be Careless: General perception about baldness is that the reason they are bald is only because they did not take care of themselves to be careless in the first place. So all said and done, I think it is time we also focus on possible solutions to balding. Here goes Balding – the Causes: While balding can be due to medical or even genetic or hormonal reasons, a surprising majority of men go bald due to external factors. Here are the primary reasons for balding: StressVicesEating HabitsMale Pattern Baldnessor Hormonal Reasons Balding – the Solution: Well, it is not a fair world out there however there but it does not mean that all hope is lost. There are off course some really good hair loss treatments in India that can help you out. Here are some solutions that balding men need to be aware of: Healthy Hair Oils and better nutritionA better and healthier lifestyleHair Transplantation treatmentsSurgery On a concluding note, while balding is indeed a severe problem especially because today, men are inching towards the same at a really alarming and young age (Studies even proved that men in their late 20’s are inching towards balding today), it is certainly not the end of the world and there are plenty of solutions available to prevent and even control the same. All you need is a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and the right medical advice of professionals who can help you take care of this irritating problem of hair loss.


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