7 Food Items to Avoid for Good Health


July 2019

7 Food Items to Avoid for Good Health

By: drPauls

We Indians always wish to have a healthy lifestyle with balance weight. So we tend to try out new market products that say healthy or weight loss on it. But many go wrong in picking right food leading to many health issues including serious diseases. In fact, unhealthy food habits are major reason the world is becoming obese and sicker. With so many food options available people often get confused of what to pick and what to leave. Here is the list of food that you should really avoid to gain good health. 7 food items to avoid for good health 1. Junk Food – In today’s world junk food has become almost unavoidable as it is available wherever we travel. The major problem with junk food is that you tend to over eat them as they are not filling in nature. Junk food generally refers to food that is high in calories and low in nutrients that can lead to obesity, diabetes, depression, sodium and poor skin. 2. Chocolates – Many says chocolates are healthy choice to adopt, but the fact is it should be consumed moderately. Milk chocolates are high in calories, sugar and saturated fat. High consumption of chocolates will also lead to tooth decay and low bone density. 3. Sodas – Sodas are most loved product across the world while having meal. Most sodas contain high sugar, fructose, preservatives etc that can cause skin issues, certain type of cancer and hormone imbalance. 4. Fried Food – You already know fried food such as potato chips and French fries are bad for your waistline. Fried foods are cooked at high temperature that turn out to be rich in fat. 5. Frozen Food – Frozen food looks alluring to grab but are loaded with calories. Even the diet frozen food may have low calories count but are high in sodium leading to many health issues. 6. Salty Food – Most types of salt has high sodium value leading to high blood pressure, kidney issues, heart failure and osteoporosis. It is important to choose low sodium salt and consume in moderate amount. 7. Excess Sugar – Taking excess sugar will damage our immune system. When we have low immunity our body is not effective to fight bad bacteria leading to acne and other skin problems.


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