7 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is A Better Choice For Men


July 2019

7 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is A Better Choice For Men

By: drPauls

Hair removal and men? Doesn’t it sound a little uncommon?When it comes to cosmetic treatments, women make up the vast majority of the patients. Though, there are plenty of men who seek for aesthetic treatments for long-lasting result. There are multiple reasons why men laser hair removal is a good choice. It could possibly be the best way to get an effective result against unwanted hair. Why Opt For Laser Hair Removal Here are the top 7 reasons why laser hair removal for men is a better choice! 1. Permanent Hair Reduction Laser treatment offers nearly permanent result. It prevents unwanted hair growth to the point where shaving or waxing can’t help. Though, hair regrowth is affected by hormones and other biological factors, thus the end result may vary from person to person. 2. Fast & Efficient Treatment Laser treatment doesn’t take much time. It allow you to resume your daily deeds immediately after the session. There are only a few tips and restrictions to follow the next 24 to 48 hours, like – Avoid saunas or steam rooms, hot showers or baths, and swimmingAvoid make-up to the treated areaAvoid any perfumed products o the treated areaAvoid sun exposure as much as possibleApply vitamin E capsule to the treated area liberally three times a day to assist healingApply Aloe Vera gel to sooth the skin 3. Beard Reshaping Beard transplant is a growing tendency among modern men who choose to look perfect. But have you heard of Beard Reshaping? It’s another popular trend growing among young men who wish to get rid of messy beard line. Laser removal helps eliminate annoying collar rash or stray hairs on the cheeks, cheek bones, neck; and get a clearer, sharp beard and moustache. 4. Shaping Hairline Not just reshaping beard-line, but men choose to change their hairline using laser treatment as well. Some men suffer from untidy hairs down the back neck, or a pronounced widow’s peak. For them, laser treatment is the best way to get rid of the bad hair growths. 5. Creating Defined Eyebrows Men often get a thick, bushy eyebrows than women, while many of them grow a monobrow across the upper bridge of the nose. Shaving, plucking or even waxing doesn’t give a permanent solution to define two eyebrows, laser treatments may be the only solution. 6. Better Look and Higher Comfort While investing in hair transplant, beard transplant, modern men tend to get hair free body. It not only make them look more appealing, but give a manly appearance too. Moreover, body hairs keep the temperature and makes body feel warm. But in the hot and humid climate like India, this extra warmth often creates discomfort, excessive sweating, which often lead to skin infection, rashes in summer. Another problem is that the back hairs are impossible to remove without help. But, laser hair removal eliminates all these concerns. 7. Reduces Risks of Rash or Tender Skin If shaving or waxing is the hair removal option for chest, back or other bodily hair, Laser Hair Removal is way more better, safer and long-lasting. Laser treatment eliminates the risk of shaving rash, or the risk of skin tenderness after waxing. Rather it offers a beaming skin with permanent hair reduction. Is Hair Removal Laser For Men Effective Without a doubt, Laser Hair Removal is more effective than any other form of hair removal. Laser treatment is the only proven alternative that reduce facial as well as body hair efficiently and more permanently. Book Appointment Today Men who really care about their aesthetic beauty shouldn’t delay to opt advanced laser hair removal for men. Leaving all your confusions and hesitations far behind, experience the joy of looking and feeling better than ever. Give us a quick call @ 1800 419 8111 (Toll-Free) and book an appointment today at your nearest Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions clinic. Our highly skilled derma team will be happy to help you and solve any concern you may have.


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