7 Skin Mistakes We All Do!


July 2019

7 Skin Mistakes We All Do!

By: drPauls

An ageless skin can be one of the most valuable beauties that we cherish. In our daily busy life we tend to make some common mistakes resulting in reducing the life of our beautiful skin. Following are the some mistakes that we need to avoid for perfect skin. 7 Skin Mistakes We All Do 1. Stocking Expired Makeup: If you frequently don’t use your makeup products then check for the expiry date; and dump them accordingly. Also, make sure to use clean brushes when applying makeup. 2. Skipping Sleep: It’s just not a jargon to get your beauty sleep; you must actually do it without fail as skin repairs itself in sleep. So surely the skin deserves adequate sleep. 3. Sleeping with Makeup: We think after an awesome party the only thing required is sound sleep, but do remember to remove the makeup completely before sleep so that it can breathe well. 4. Drinking Less Water: It is no secret that hydrated skin looks young and radiant. But missing out on 8-10 glasses of water a day will dehydrate it making your skin lifeless. 5. Forgetting Sunscreen: We often fail to reapply our sunscreen the second time while exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun. A normal sunscreen stays just for 5 hours so reapply when you are exposed to the sun for more than 5-6 hours. 6. Pricking Pimples: This is the most common and bad habit teenagers have. Pricking off pimples can lead to bigger problems like spreading bacteria and leaving blemishes. So simply avoid it and look for better solution. 7. Over Exfoliation: Exfoliation once a week is more than enough as it is important to give the skin the chance to continue self-healing process. There you go follow the above rigorously for long life of your glowing skin.


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