Adult Acne – Reasons, Myths & Remedies


July 2019

Adult Acne – Reasons, Myths & Remedies

By: drPauls

Most medical experts and doctors relate acne, especially adult acne, to hormonal imbalances and other related reasons. This article will attempt to understand the causes and remedies for adult acne and how it can be possibly prevented too. A lot of us suffer from this perpetual problem we know as acne. However, it is rather shocking to note that a growing majority of people today suffer from this problem and not all of them are youngsters or teenagers. Today, there is also a problem known as adult acne which affects people above the age of twenty. Adult acne is a very common problem affecting people from all walks of life today. Here are some more details about the same: Reasons for Acne: Shockingly, the exact reasons for acne, both adult acne and otherwise are a mystery even till today, despite all the advancements in technology and medical science. While there has been some research that proves that adult acne is related to hormonal imbalances, genetic reasons and even improper sleep and diet, the exact causes are still unknown. Another interesting observation by medical experts is the fact that when it comes to women, adult acne is also related to the menstrual cycles, pregnancy, PMS and even menopause. Also, the birth control methods used are also responsible for acne. Moving on, we need to note that one more important reason for acne is also stress and an irregular lifestyle. Lack of adequate sleep, an imbalanced diet that does not have all the vital nutrients, etc. are also known to cause adult acne and even a host of other skin problems. Myths about Acne: One of the most widely believed myths about acne is that eating too much chocolate causes adult acne. While chocolate may cause a lot of other problems, acne is certainly one of them. Secondly, acne is not caused by eating cheese either. While cheese does increase the overall fat content of the body and is the prime culprit for other problems, acne is caused by other factors and not cheese or even butter. Remedies for Adult Acne: Again, contrary to popular perception, the remedies for adult acne are actually the same as those for any other forms of acne. Firstly, consult a well-known physician or family doctor for advice and possible solutions. They are the doctors who know you best and also understand your body type very well and as a result will be able to best advice you on what to do for treating acne. If you feel that the treatments by your family doctor are proving to be inadequate or ineffective, then its best you consult a skin specialist who can diagnose and treat the problem of adult acne effectively. These doctors are specialists and they know how to treat even the harshest forms of acne. They will be able to effectively guide and treat acne based on the symptoms and the visible effects of the same. Moreover, they also know which treatment will suit which body type and will administer medications and treat accordingly.


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