After Care for Gynaecomastia


July 2019

After Care for Gynaecomastia

By: drPauls

Men generally don’t realize this condition called Gynaecomastia until it is too severe. This is actually a medical condition where a man’s chest tends to grow similar to women’s breast. This generally causes physical embarrassment and mental disturbance when not treated at right time. This can be treated with the breast reduction surgery, where the excessive fat tissue in the lower areola is removed with a scalpel. This process is done in general anaesthesia and the recovery period may vary depending upon the care taken after Gynaecomastia surgery. After care for Gynaecomastia Don’t drive soon after surgery as rest is required, so it is good to have someone help you for few days.Follow the medication prescribed by your surgeon. Avoid taking over the counter aspirin or other medicines without prescription.Follow-up visit should be to followed strictly. As the surgeon would advice you change inmedication and lifestyledepending upon your recovery.It is most important to avoid smoking, steroid and alcohol until complete recovery is over.Try taking light food that is easily digested to avoid constipation problem in the first week after surgery.For comfort and proper healing follow protective or compression garment recommended for few weeks.It is good to avoid lifting heavy weight and exercises for about a month; still you can start walking as soon as possible after surgery.Swelling and scarring are normal after the process and may fade away with time.Any problem in breathing or severe pain in chest must be reported immediately to the doctor.Slow massage after 2 week will help circulation and loosen up stiffness in the muscles.Never go out to sun with bare chest at least for 6 months.Start with breathing exercise after a week to maintain lungs health.Avoid taking bath for 1 week and swimming for 8-10 weeks after surgery.It is normal to have some drainage from the incision during recovery period.Keep incision clean and report to doctor if any infection appears.Report any heavy swelling, bruising, redness, bleeding and other side effects like nausea, rashes and vomiting.


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