Be Winter Ready With These Tips For A Glowing Skin


July 2019

Be Winter Ready With These Tips For A Glowing Skin

By: drPauls

Winter is coming up soon and having perfect skin is everyone’s concern. Winters can cause maximum damage to our skin if not taken care properly. This weather leaves your skin dry and worse condition can cause skin flaking and cracking. To overcome such winter conditions, here are some following tips that will keep your skin glowing, smooth and supple all season. Ask your dermatologist: With so many winter products available in the market it will become tricky to choose one that is right for you. So it’s a great idea to ask your dermatologist to advice for a suitable winter care product. Eat right: Food containing monounsaturated fats, Omega 3 fatty and Vitamin C can boost collagen content in body that builds connective tissues and maintains skin health. So add up leafy vegetable juices, avocados, nuts, flax seeds and citrus fruits to your daily regime. And drinking plenty of water is not only important in winter but in all season. Cover up: Prolonged exposure to cold air causes windburn and other dry skin issues. So it’s a great idea to wrap yourself properly from head to toe when you are heading outdoor. Of course, those hat, scarf, jackets and gloves will also add style to your look. Moisturizer and Sunscreen: Your skin requires maximum moisturizing during winter, so choose an oil-based moisturizer that lasts longer. For glowing skin in winter, you must apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out to sun. Of course, you need to reapply both moisturizer and sunscreen in every 4 hours for damage-free skin. Home remedies: To build a protective layer of skin during winter you can apply Vitamin E rich oil (almond, Olive, Coconut oil etc) that will keep your skin supple. Milk cream, yogurt, Aloe-Vera, honey, rose water etc are some of the excellent hydrants for skin. Make use of them to get glowing skin in winter.


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