Breast Augmentation – Surgery & Aftercare


July 2019

Breast Augmentation – Surgery & Aftercare

By: drPauls

Breast augmentation is otherwise known as breast enlargement or augmentation of mammoplasty. Breast augmentation is the most popular surgical method to develop the shape and size of women’s breast. Women can go for breast augmentation considering various factors like aging, childbirth, weight loss, or genetics. Simply speaking, women who want to improve breast size can achieve it with this surgery. This will not only result in making your breasts look fuller but will also boost up your self-confidence. Surgical Procedure for Breast Augmentation This surgery is done by placing breast implant inside the pockets behind existing tissues of breast muscles. This implant is silicone based which are filled either with silicone gel or saline. You must pick a cosmetic surgeon who is well experienced in performing breast augmentation surgery. With the help of surgeon you can decide what size of implant is possible to place in your body. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and the process takes about 3 hours to complete. At first, incisions will be made in unobtrusive area such underarms or lower part of areola to avoid scarring. Then breast implant will be placed directly behind the breast tissues or under pectoral muscle depending on the type of implant you opt for. At last, incisions will be closed with using surgical tape and wounds are sutured in layers. Aftercare Once anesthesia is gone you might feel little pain for about 2 days, however, you must follow proper medication to minimize the pain.Your breast might feel tight and itchy for few days.You must take a walk every few hours to avoid blood clot.You must avoid excessive physical activities like outdoor sports and exercise for few weeks.You must follow all the instruction given by your surgeon like what kind of cloth to wear, antibiotics, how to care for drains and how to clean up the breast area.Complete recovery will take couple of weeks.


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