Chemical peels – Who Can Go For It? Process & Precautions


July 2019

Chemical peels – Who Can Go For It? Process & Precautions

By: drPauls

Trying out different home remedies for glowing skin might always be a fun, but applying chemical on it can be daunting. And the phrase Chemical Peels sounds very scary at first, because it will peel of small amount of your skin for new skin renewal. First understand, Chemical Peeling is a modern technique that improves appearance of skin. A chemical solution (Alpha hydroxy acid, trichloroacetic acid, retinol acid or phenol) is applied on your skin that will help removing damaged or dead skin from outer layer. New skin that comes will usually be of smooth texture and less wrinkled. Who can go for Chemical Peels Generally fair skin tone are said to be best candidates for this process, however people with following condition can also achieve good results. People who want to improve skin tone and texturePeople with stretch marks, fine lines, andage spotscan go for chemical peelSkin that is sun damagedOne who wants to get even skin tone and get rid of damaged skinPeople with acne, aging skin and hyper-pigmentation can also opt for Chemical Peel Process and precautions Chemical peel should be performed only by an expert dermatologist, plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon for best results. Before going for chemical peel your dermatologist or surgeon might make a pre-process plan for about 3 weeks to avoid side effects. On the day, first your skin will be cleansed with mild solution that will soak excess oil and dirt. A chemical solution depending on requirement of your skin will then be applied and no anesthesia is required for mild peel. You might feel light burning sensation or pain during the process. Your dermatologist will then remove the peel when the outer layer starts peeling off. For deeper peel you might require anesthesia and more recovery time. Depending of the peel you will be given lotion or cream to apply until the skin heals properly.


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