Double Your Hair Density With HGA-FUE Combination


July 2019

Double Your Hair Density With HGA-FUE Combination

By: drPauls

It’s a bit of hairstylist’s commandment. ‘You should have dense hair to try this hairdo.’ This commandment is definitely frustrating, and you are up creek without paddle. Unfortunately, most of the DIY methods are time-consuming and don’t fulfill the expectations. So, what to do? What about hair transplantation? If you think that it can’t give you enough coverage, then we have some good news for you. The HGA with FUE transplantation doubles the density of your hair in just half the time. Never heard the term ‘HGA-FUE’ before? Okay, I’m going to explain. Read carefully for your sake. What is HGA-FUE transplantation? You probably know that the transplantation is done by removing the donor hair (that is from the backside of your scalp). The extracted hair then, undergoes some processes. In FUE, the individual grafts are taken out. Some of these grafts when come in contact with the alien environment get damaged. As a result, all the grafts that are implanted do not sprout hair. The major reasons behind the poor hair growth are: The slowed metabolism of the follicular grafts.Inadequate nutrients supply to the roots through blood flow immediately after the surgery weakens the hair leading to their shedding.Many follicular grafts can’t survive in the foreign environment after being extracted from the donor site. That’s why, FUE is combined with HGA or Hair Growth Accelerator to ensure almost no damage of the follicular units and hence to give you enhanced coverage. Don’t you think it’s great? HGA gives support to the hair follicles for approximately 8 hours. Consequently, the follicles don’t get damaged quickly and sustain for a long period of time. Apart from it, the HGA also speeds up the vascularisation immediately after the surgery. It also accelerates the metabolism of the follicular cells of the extracted grafts. The metabolic activities start with 3-4 days which is very essential for the success of the graft implantation. What are the benefits of HGA-FUE? Some of the advantages of undergoing HGA-FUE are as follows: It ensures that every transplanted graft will sprout hair to its full potential.You can get permanent hair in just 4 months instead of 8 months like the ordinary FUE.Unlike the normal FUE transplantation method, it doesn’t cause any shock loss of the implanted hair roots.It is an affordable process with only Rs 40/- per graft. Any expert surgeon can overcome the obstacles of FUE once they combine the process with HGA. So, just imagine, you can enjoy all these advantages just by spending the same amount you would have spend in the traditional FUE. You will be happy to know that the process is completely safe and can bring awesome result in both men and women. Someone has said, “Curls run the world.” This is absolutely true and you can have the curls only when you will have enough hair. And for that, HGA-FUE solution is there. So, go and avail it.


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