Gynaecomastia – Causes & Solutions


July 2019

Gynaecomastia – Causes & Solutions

By: drPauls

In simple terms, development of breast in male is recognized as Gynaecomastia. For men, this condition is of course embarrassing, where they cannot do a lot of things in public such as swimming, taking off shirts, or enjoying at the beach. Not just that, the appearance of not having a normal chest in men also affects their overall confidence. So men with gynaecomastia desire getting rid of it to have a comfortable and confident social life. Types of Gynaecomastia Gynaecomastia is actually divided into 4 following grades according to Simon:Grade 1 – Very mild but visible breast enlargement without skin redundancyGrade 2 – Is mild to high breast enlargement without skin redundancyGrade 3 – Is high to identifiable breast enlargement with minor skin redundancyGrade 4 – Is severe breast enlargement with skin redundancy that simulates a pendulous female breast Causes of Gynaecomastia Men’s body that develops a greater amount of oestrogen (female hormone) other than testosterone (male hormone) causes gynaecomastia.Most common cause of gynaecomastia is adolescence where the breast is developed because of hormonal chances known as physiological gynaecomastia.Food that causes development of oestrogen can also build up female breast in men.Gynaecomastia is also seen in people that in take drugs, alcohol, and certain types of medicines. Solution of Gynaecomastia Gynaecomastia can be treated with the pills available in the market, which claims to cure gynaecomastia for about 90%.Another guaranteed solution of gynaecomastia is Liposuction that will remove excess breast tissue offering faster results.If you want temporary solution for gynaecomastia then it is best to buy a gynaecomastia shirt that will compress the breast area almost immediately. Make sure you consult an expect surgeon before trying out any option, because this has to be treated carefully for achieving effective results.


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