Mastopexy – Procedure, Advantages & Precautions


July 2019

Mastopexy – Procedure, Advantages & Precautions

By: drPauls

A woman in all age wants to look best with flawless skin and perfect figure. But for various reasons such as aging, nursing, pregnancy, and weight loss our body tends to lose elasticity. Breast sagging is one common problem among these situations. Mastopexy is best choice if you want to restore firmness and even breast when your breast started sagging. Mastopexy commonly referred as breast lift is a surgical process to remove excess skin tissue and lift breast in order to tighten the same. Mastopexy Procedure Like Breast augmentation surgery, Mastopexy is also done under general anesthesia. The Surgeon will first mark proper incision where your nipple should lift up. Then extra skin will be removed carefully and the necessary size of areola will also be reduced during the surgery. Breast implants may be clubbed with this surgery for achieving the desired result. It takes approximately 3 hours for the operation and patient can leave in a day or two based on doctor’s advice. You might have temporary bruising, discomfort, swelling etc but that gets alright in few days. Mastopexy Advantage You will get improved breast shape and size.Your breast will gain back youthful appearance and firmnessYou will have more clothing choice to make with perky breastResult of Mastopexy last longer when taken care properly Mastopexy Precautions Complete healing might take few months after surgeryOne must avoid alcohol, smoking and deep fried food until total healingFor first two weeks, strenuous task and heavy exercise should be avoidedWomen with Mastopexy should not sleep on their stomach for at least two weeks.Doctor recommendation should be followed in matter of clothing for proper healingAll medication should be taken on timeAny side effect or problem must be reported immediately to your cosmetic surgeon.


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