One Tip for that Perfect Wedding Skin – Start Early!


July 2019

One Tip for that Perfect Wedding Skin – Start Early!

By: drPauls

For a girl, her wedding is perhaps one of the most awaited and anticipated days of her life. She’s been waiting for this day with a lot in her mind perhaps all her life and that is what makes the day so very special for her as well as for all her near and dear ones. But in all the happiness and excitement, let us not forget that the bride also has to go through a lot of stress, anxiety and even plain anger due to the enormous pressure of the situations and the whole event altogether. As such, the worst to suffer here will be her health, both internal and external and if she’s not careful, the consequences can be really bad. This article will help take care of one such problem, skincare! Weddings are known to be perhaps one of the grandest celebrations in people’s lives today. Not only is there a lot of excitement and enjoyment in all the functions and parties that are held during the wedding period, but there is also a lot of preparation involved for the same. In all this, perhaps the most important aspect of preparation is personal care, especially skincare. Here, we try to look at some key aspects of the same. If you are the groom or the bride, then there I going to be a lot more to take care of apart from personal appearance. However, we are pretty sure that personal appearance is going to be one of the very important aspects of holding a position right there on top of the priority list. Every bride wants to have really amazing and radiant looking skin free from all blemishes, pimples, wrinkles or any other such problems. In the same vein, surely the groom to wants to look handsome and dapper on his big day! While this does not sound really easy, but the best way to ensure that you are looking your best on D-day is to start taking care of your skin quite early, say at least a month or even two months before the actual celebrations and functions start. This helps mainly because of the following reasons: If you are planning to change your diet to take care of certain skin problems, your body will get the time to accept it and the diet by itself will get time to produce the expected results.For the same reason as above, if you are on medication for some skin ailments, the medication too will get time to manifest results. Also, in certain rare cases that there are possible side effects or allergic reactions to medications, you will have enough time to take care of the same.For those who are the adventurous and outdoor types, we would suggest starting even earlier as there are high chances that your skin has been neglected for quite a number of years or at least months. On a concluding note, here are two more tips for you: Follow a strict schedule as far as your skin care regime is concerned and strictly avoid any breaks or leverages. That one extra donut or that supposed one last drink is going to prove very expensive on your wedding day. Lastly, in all this do not forget to pamper yourself from time to time. Go for a full spa treatment. Get that facial you always wanted to and wine; DO NOT EVER FORGET that a sinful helping of Wine is actually good for your skin and the same goes for rich dark chocolate!


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