Reasons For Hair Loss In Women


July 2019

Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

By: drPauls

When it comes to hair loss in women, arising misconception is that the primary reasons for the same are almost always either hereditary or hormonal. However, that is really far from the truth. Current studies and hair loss statistics in women indicate that there are in fact a lot many causes of the same. While we cannot completely deny a link to the family history, it may come as a shock to many readers out here that Female Pattern Baldness can in fact be caused by stress or even irregular eating habits or even certain habits. Here is a detailed explanation of the causes of hair loss and baldness in women. Stress: Perhaps the most popular reason for hair loss in both men and women and is also known to have the worst possible consequences even apart from hair loss. One starts to lose hair mainly after a few days or even weeks after a stressful or mentally taxing event takes place in their lives. For instance, if one has lost a very close person in the family member or a friend, then one can tend to lose hair. As such, if they do not have a family history or hair loss, the growth can resume after three months. However, keep in mind that stress is also responsible for triggering genetic hair loss too. The solution to this one’s pretty simple actually and obvious too! The best possible way to combat stress is to relax. Start by exercising more and socialising with people who allow you to be happy. You can even take up a hobby or switch to a more relaxing job which can also make you happier. Bad Diets: With the advent of the World Wide Web came a lot of crappy information and quick-fix diets for weight loss and a lot of them have even become very popular too. Little did you know that even the food you eat or even the lack of it are known to be major reasons for hair loss in today’s times. The main reason for the same is that many of these diets involve two things. The first one being a restriction of important vitamins and minerals and secondly, the diet leads to a dramatic loss of vital soluble fat and this sudden loss of fat can lead to a really drastic loss of hair. Sometimes the increase in hair loss is even recorded to be as high as 68%! Pregnancy: Hair loss is often noticed in women post delivery. During the pregnancy period, it is observed that an increasing number of hairs go into something like a resting phase. This phase, while a normal part of the human hair loss cycles, it can even cause some permanent bald spots and hair loss. However, in most cases the condition is known to diminish in around 3 to 4 months post delivery. However, it is best suggested that you visit a specialist if the condition persists. The same also applies if you are experiencing hair loss during your pregnancy for then it is probably due to a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Cosmetics for the Hair and Scalp: Now believe it or not but cosmetics are the number one reason after stress for hair loss. A variety of cosmetics such as hair dyes, hair sprays, hair enhancers, gels, mousse, leave-in hair conditioners and other items are known to have a lot of side effects and eventually lead to hair loss in the long run. Now many of us have seen commercials that promote the numerous benefits of these products, but all of them are also known to completely ignore the drastically harmful effects of over use. As such, the best thing to do here is that stop using these products, all of them right here, right now! Consult a professional stylist for guidance and they shall be able to better guide you. However, all hope is not lost for there are treatments available for the same and they are available at affordable rates. Unlike earlier times, today hair transplantation, hair re-bonding and other treatments for hair loss and balding are available at really affordable rates. All you need is the correct medical advice and professional doctors to take care of it!


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